Kat Kong

Acclaimed author Dav Pilkey’s cat, Blueberry, is sweet and lovable, but he can also sometimes be grumpy. This black and white cat can have an evil look about her that is uncharacteristic of her personality, or so the author writes on his Web site, www. Pilkey.com. One night, Dav Pilkey looked up from his work and noticed Blueberry staring down at him from high up on his bookshelf with one of those ominous looks. The author suspected that she was jealous that the children’s book he was working on was about the family dog and not him. Dav Pilkey furiously scribbled down some notes that involved his cat and mice, and a hit was born.

Dav Pilkey began writing down Kat Kong, and eventually created a spoof of the famous movie King Kong with his cat and mice as characters. The hilarious tale is about a mighty cat, akin to the giant ape featured in King Kong, who breaks free from Dr. Varmint and Rosie Rodent, two mice had captured the mighty cat and brought him to Mousopolis. The cat wreaks havoc on the city streets. What happens next? You’ll have to read the book!

This story features a deadpan-style narrative much like its companion book, Dogzilla. Both are notable for their zany mix of manipulated animal photographs and Dav Pilkey’s trademark style of illustrations that involve bold colors with heavy black outlines. It’s the comic book style for which he is well-known. This book is artfully created and funny, especially for people who are familiar with the famous movie.

Dav Pilkey’s wonderful style of storytelling is evident throughout this book about the powerful cat that is too strong for the chains that bind him. It’s not an original story by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s certainly funny. The book is a wonderfully silly read that your kids will love, and maybe you will, too. While children ages 4-8 are the target audience for this zany book, the author’s use of wordplay and puns on two different levels will keep both you and your kids laughing throughout the story. This choice and its companion book, Dogzilla, are must-haves for your home library.

Kat Kong

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