Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

If you’re looking for stories about fuzzy or furry animals, you won’t find many more lovable creatures than the ones Laura Numeroff creates. Cover after cover, Laura Numeroff’s pharmacokinetics cialis list of picture books she’s written over the years feature animals of some sort, whether it’s a moose, cat, dog, bear, or a mouse, the animal for which the author is best known. She continues her tale of a little mouse from the book If you Give cialis generic a Mouse a Cookie and its companion titles including Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

The little mouse is back, and this time and is celebrating viagra at gnc Valentine’s Day with his friends. You follow the steps taken by the mouse to make Valentines for friends. Using glitter, construction paper and glue, the mouse shares his feelings for his friends like Pig and Cat. The cute little rodent tells

his friends how much he loves them for their special qualities. For example, he loves Pig because Pig knows how to dance. Each of his friends shares his sentiments and tell him so.

Artist Felicia Bond uses teams up with Laura Numeroff in what critics have called a New York Times best-selling team. The illustrations Bond continues through Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! are bright, simple but fun enough to engage event the busiest young reader. Felicia Bond often works with her partner in the If You Give… series, but she also has done plenty of work independently. Not only is she an illustrator, she’s also an author of books viagra online geared toward the younger crowd and photographer. Animals inspire her, which is why many of her illustrations involved the furry little creatures. Some of the characters she draws in the If You Give… books are based on her own animals and some that she has rescued over the years.

Kids who have dealt with exasperated adults will be able to appreciate Laura Numeroff’s new addition the rest of the If You Give… series. The author’s bupropion creativity engages young readers, especially when it comes to silly situations, her catchy verses, and stories viagra bad side effects that engage young readers. Think about giving this book rather than candy to your toddler and preschool-aged children.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!


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