Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart

The author of Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart, Jane O’Connor, is well-known for writing more than

just one children’s book.

She has written more than 30 books for kids, but her most notable books are about a little girl named Nancy. This New York Times bestselling series along with her other acclaimed series called Nina, Nina Ballerina have garnered her much praise and have earned her a reputation for being a premier author of books for young readers. Jane O’Connor brings back her famous character in a book that helps to celebrate the one day in the year meant to bring sweethearts together.

One of our hero’s most favorite days of the year is Valentine’s Day because everything that Nancy is – fancy! But then a mystery ensues when the little girl receives a Valentine from someone who did not reveal his or her identity. Who gave her the mysterious valentine? Will she ever find out? Yes, but she has to track down the clues. In the end, she learns that her sibling is the person who gave her the thoughtful valentine.

The series and Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart in particular are wonderfully illustrated in a way that complements the story. The illustrations and the story itself are full of life, imagination, and joy! Jane O’Connor’s comical writing and the charm of the illustrations done by Carolyn Bracken and Robin Preiss Glasser combine in all the fabulous style that Fancy Nancy is known. The book captures the fun side of being a girl! And, to make this book the ultimate Valentine’s Day celebration, Jane O’Connor includes a page of glossy stickers that children can use to make their own valentines.

It’s the perfect book to share the spirit and fun of Valentine’s Day. While the story is geared for children 4 to 8 years old, adults will find themselves falling in love with this cute little girl. The whimsical character never fails to disappoint and neither does Jane O’Connor’s imagination. She gives you 24 pages of giggles, smiles, and overall cheerful prose. The author and her illustrators have created another hit with younger readers, one that will most likely be cherished by you and your kids for years to come.

Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart


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