Bloom! A Little Book About Finding Love

Author Maria van Lieshout is relatively new on the scene but already she’s making a big Splash! Actually, she created Splash! A Little Story about Bouncing Back, one of several books in a series of childrens books featuring animals. Young readers are

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wild about the seal and her other animal characters a chick named Peep and a pig named Bloom.

The tale about the pig is van Lieshout’s only one best suited to be read on a holiday. Bloom! A Little Story about Finding Love features an unusual pig that has a big, pink personality. She’s romantic, expressive, and a bit theatrical. She loves to sing and dance, and flowers are among her most favorite things in the world. This is one unique pig. And unlike her fellow swine, the title character refuses to jump in mud puddles. While she’s dancing one day among the flowers, she sees a butterfly, which she calls a “flying flower.” She falls in love, head over hoofs. She dances with the butterfly and professes her love for this “flying flower” but the butterfly does not return her sentiments. The butterfly flies away, leaving the heroin a sad, pathetic mess. She is dismayed and throws a fit equaled to that of a denied toddler in a candy store. She swears off love for the rest of her life, a promise she keeps until another swine asks her jump in a puddle with him.

Van Lieshout also does her own illustrations in Bloom! A Little Story About Finding Love. She creates the pig’s world with ink and pen drawings against the stark white pages they are on. These illustrations only enhance the author’s minimalist text about this tale of love at first sight. The board-under-paper book has a stylish design that makes it perfect for a Valentine’s Day read.

Bloom! A Little Story About Finding Love is boy pig meets girl pig love story that readers of all ages will love even through it’s written for kids in grades 4 through 7, the age when girls tend to have their first crushes. While a relatively new author, Maria van Leishout already is gaining a following with her delightful tales of these lovable creatures, young and old.

Bloom! A Little Book About Finding Love

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