Dr. Seuss Books List: A Complete List of All the Dr. Seuss Books

Seek out some Sneetches, break out the roast beast, and go oh so many places with some of the top Dr. Seuss books ever!

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10 Best Dr. Seuss Books of All-Time

oh, the places you’ll go Oh, the Places You’ll Go: Still sought out to this day by parents, grandparents, and children alike for all sorts of reasons, this story is all about seeing things to see and all the wonder and amazement they hold. For kids, graduates, and more, everyone loves the far out locations and strange creatures that only exist within these pages. To the highest highs and deepest darks, this is one story that is hard to forget no matter how old kids get. They’ll wish they had the ability to sneak inside this story and go to all the different and unique places that the young character does.
green eggs and ham Green Eggs and Ham: One of the best Dr. Seuss books out there, this story is all about reading, rhyming, and of course, eating some oddly colored ham and eggs! The two characters banter back and forth, Sam-I-Am attempting to convince the other to give the green cuisine a try. But he’s adamant – no, sir, he will not! There are plenty of ways to enjoy this meal, whether it’s in a box, with a fox, or with a goat and a boat. Sam-I-Am knows the food is delicious, and kids will want to snack on some themselves after reading this story.
the cat in the hat The Cat in the Hat: This title should be on anyone’s Dr. Seuss books list! It’s the classic story of what to do on a rainy day. Two children sit and stare out the window when suddenly a giant cat wearing a tall striped hat pops into their lives. With tons of wild rhyming that is classic Seussical goodness, the kids watch helplessly as havoc is wrecked upon their home by all sorts of things the cat produces, including Thing One and Thing Two. Readers will wonder what on earth the children will do and if they’ll ever get such a mess cleaned up by the time the siblings’ mother returns.
the lorax The Lorax: This story tends to fall in many people’s list as one of the best Dr. Seuss books available. The Once-ler has come to a land filled with beautiful Truffula Trees, and discovers the magic of their fluffy tops. He sets up shop and is soon visited by The Lorax, who tells him to stop cutting down the trees. However, he doesn’t, and conditions in the land worsen, until even the Lorax himself leaves – but not without one speck of hope. Whether inspired by the save the planet movement of the time or not, it’s still a powerful story that will resonate with readers young and old today.
how the grinch stole christmas! How the Grinch Stole Christmas!: When Christmas rolls around, everyone knows that the Grinch is lurking nearby. Since its publication, this story of discovering the true meaning of Christmas (even at the tip-top of a tall mountain) has been transformed into two movies and loved by countless kids and adults. Mr. Grinch starts out by hating Christmas, and eventually decides the best way to get rid of it is by stealing it! Wackiness ensues as he swipes everything in the guise of Santa Claus, and kids will especially love his doggie, Max. And of course, all ends well in this world of Whoville and utterly green Grinchy-ness.
one fish two fish red fish blue fish One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish: Get ready to count, learn colors, and have any number of goofy nonsense words thrown out onto the pages of this story. Seuss-magic is at it again with truckloads of colorful fish, Wumps with multiple humps, and all sorts of other good things that will enthrall kids’ imaginations and encourage them to read like nothing before. It’s a colorful book that gives them plenty to do, and even though there’s no actual story to follow, it doesn’t matter. After all, readers need to answer questions about flying kites in bed and walking around with ten cats on their head!
mr. brown can moo! can you? Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?: While other children’s books feature cows that moo, here we have Mr. Brown instead. And he doesn’t just imitate cows, either. He likes to make the same noises as a lot of other things as well, such as popping corks and the clapping of horse hooves on the ground. He invites readers to join in with his wacky noises, so be ready for kids to start making all sorts of sounds to match up with Mr. Brown, whether it’s to make the noise of frying eggs or hippos chewing gum! The bright and goofy illustrations make things even better.
hop on pop Hop on Pop: Pop, in fact, looks pretty surprised on the cover when it comes to all this hopping. Whether kids are learning to read or they just want to have a good time with a book, this 1963 classic is an ideal choice. It’s exactly what many adults now know and love – the rhymes are silly (fish in trees? Yes indeed!), the illustrations are absolutely goofy and imaginative, and it’s 100% Seuss-tastic. Readers aren’t just encouraged to read, but also to count, and of course, to have a great time. Available as a hardcover or as a board book for little hands.
dr. seuss’s abc Dr. Seuss’s ABC: While other books may have to come up with unique ways to utilize underused letters, there’s certainly never any trouble here! Kids can learn their ABCs through the most unconventional (or rather, fictional) words ever invented. It’s a great title to add to your Dr. Seuss books list, especially for little ones learning to read or just starting out on their ABCs. It’s all about having a good time and enjoying all things silly. Available in multiple formats to suit your child’s need, start reading about red rhinoceroses, a Zizzer-zazzer-zuzz, camels on ceilings, and lions with lollipops today!
fox in socks Fox in Socks: Ready for a good tongue twister – or several? Kids will have a blast reading all the wacky rhymes in this story. The Fox has a friend, Mr. Knox, and he wants to play some tongue-twisting games with him. Mr. Knox isn’t too keen on blabbering blibber blubber, but perhaps by the end he’ll get the hang of it. Readers will be trying these tricky rhymes until they get them right, or simply fall into a fit of giggles as they try. Parents, be ready for a challenge or two from your child – and this sneaky Fox has some wild rhymes to try!

Dr. Seuss Books: Honorable Mentions

happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to You!: Yes indeed, there truly is “no one alive who is you-er than you!” Kids will appreciate the silly rhymes in this story because they are all about the birthday boy or girl. The Birthday Bird flies by on the cover with a cake, and appears in the story to take the reader out and about for such a feast and such a grand party that it will take 20 days to clean it all up! Dr. Seuss books always know how to strike just the right chords with kids, and this story about being yourself and having a grand birthday to celebrate such individuality is perfect in that respect.
dr. seuss’s sleep book Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book: Yawny-yawn-yawn! It’s time for bed – or maybe it’s time for a good book first. It’s all about falling asleep, being asleep, and all sorts of ways different imaginary creatures prepare for drifting off at nighttime. Two-page spreads of fantastical lands, sleepyheads, salesmen selling Zizzer-Zoof seeds, and more await children within these pages. There’s plenty of nonsense to be had, but when it comes to drifting off into dreamland, that’s exactly what kids will be eager to do once they read the end of this snoozy tale. Perhaps they’ll meet some of the same creatures in their dreams!
the sneetches and other stories The Sneetches and Other Stories: With several different tales awaiting kids in this book, there is plenty of fun to be had. Beginning with the unforgettable Sneetches, who start to differentiate from each other by putting stars on their bellies create a tale of ridiculous prejudice. Other stories include the South-Going Zax and North-Going Zax, Mrs. McCave who named all 23 of her sons Dave, and a scary story concerning a pair of haunted trousers. Tongues will occasionally be tied by rhymes and absolutely giggly nonsense words, making this a solid favorite among readers who love a good story – or four. Complete with Seuss-y illustrations!
horton hears a who! Horton Hears a Who!: Quick – add this to your Dr. Seuss books list! Everyone loves Horton, with his big ears and long trunk. But even more interesting is that one day he hears something peculiar. It’s a tiny Who, living in a little speck where his entire town is located. It’s up to Horton to keep the Whos living there safe and sound while all the other animals around him tell him such things are ridiculous. Kids will cheer him on as he works hard to maintain the safety of his newfound friends and endure the ridicule of the other creatures.
my book about me My Book About Me: This is a great way to let kids get their hands on a story that is all about them. From the photo that can be placed on the cover to the information kids fill in within the pages, giving them the chance to explore all sorts of unexpected things in their life, such as how many teeth they have, what country they live in, even draw their own eyes! It’s easy to order Dr. Seuss books online or you can always grab this title in stores. Kids can keep it around for a long time because of its hardcover format and because it’s bound to be a favorite.
there’s a wocket in my pocket! There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!: What’s a wocket? Why is it in a pocket? And how on earth did it get there? Well, it’s time to find out! But there are more than wockets in this book. Readers need to keep their eyes open for zamps in lamps, jertains behind curtains, and nooth grushes in toothbrushes! With so many fun and goofy rhymes, kids will love to read this story aloud, or ask mom and dad to read it to them. It’s all about creative nonsense here, and parents can ask children if they can come up with some wacky rhymes of their own.
the butter battle book The Butter Battle Book: Butter side up, or butter side down? A few of the best Dr. Seuss books aren’t just fun and games and nonsense words. Here, the issue is, well, butter on bread! Up or down, it’s a matter of choosing sides. Soon, the issue grows and gets so out of hand, it goes to ridiculous extremes. Kids will wonder just how each side will reconcile and wonder just how silly it is to be fussing so much about butter on bread. Parents can use this book as a teaching tool or simply if they’re looking for another great children’s story.
bartholomew and the oobleck Bartholomew and the Oobleck: There is something undeniably fun about saying the word “oobleck.” However, Bartholomew isn’t so jazzed about this sticky green stuff. At first it seems pretty useful, but eventually the goopy mess gets out of hand, and soon it’s everywhere! He isn’t sure quite what to do about all of it, and readers will hope that, for his sake, something can be done about it. After all, no one wants to have to live with a sloppy green goo hanging around everywhere for the rest of their lives! It’s a fun story done in a handful of colors and classic illustrations.

Other Great Books by Dr. Seuss

oh, the thinks you can think! Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!: There are so many different ways to let one’s imagination run wild – and this is one of them! This story will give kids the extra incentive to think of all sorts of wacky and fun creatures, places, and activities. Colors and more swirl around in this book with all sorts of bizarre nonsense words and strange animals and things in ways that only Seuss could bring readers. Rhyming as usual and totally giggle-worthy, kids will love to read this tale over and over. Available in hardcover format as well as board book form for little ones and older children alike.
your only old once! Your Only Old Once!: You’re a lot less likely to find this title in with the kids books than you are somewhere in the adult section. But that doesn’t make it any less fun! Go ahead and add this one in to your Dr. Seuss books list and read it for yourself – or buy it for children once they’re grown and much, much older. It’s all about getting a check-up at a decidedly wacky clinic from one Dr. Pollen who checks for more things that you can shake a stick at. In fact, he might actually see how you react when shaking a stick at you.
yertle the turtle and other stories Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories: Parents might remember old Yertle and want to share these stories with their children. First is Yertle’s tale of how, as king of the turtles, he wanted a bigger kingdom and stood upon the backs of all his subjects in a towering stack until they had enough! Second is Gertrude McFuzz’s desire for more feathers instead of her single droopy one – which doesn’t go so well. Last is the tale of a rabbit and a bear who argue about how each is smarter than the rest of the beasts, until a little worm trumps both of them.
did i ever tell you how lucky you are? Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?: Some Dr. Seuss books come with a bit of a moral, but whether or not anyone pays close attention to it doesn’t matter – it’s still going to be a delightful read! In this tale, the main character meets an old man in the Desert of Drize. This man lets the young character know just how lucky he is, and tells him of others less fortunate – but since this is a Seussy world, those people are Harry Haddow who can’t make a shadow and Herbie Hart who took apart his Throm-dim-bu-lator. Kids will close this book satisfied with the illustrations and silly rhymes.
my many colored days My Many Colored Days: A surprisingly different book by this popular author, it includes illustrations by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher at the request of the author himself. Here, it’s all about colors and the vivid pictures help portray just that. Colors are assigned to moods, making this a little bit more about the pictures than the rhymes. Be red – wild like a horse! The rhymes themselves aren’t as wacky as other typical Dr. Seuss books, but the story still holds its own and may easily be a favorite among kids who fall in love with the idea or the illustrations.
the foot book The Foot Book: Simple, fun, and available in a board book so even little children can get in on joy of reading about all sorts of feet. From wet feet to dry feet, left to right, it’s great for building vocabulary, adjectives, or learning to read. It’s one of the many Dr. Seuss books online, but can also be found in bookstores. It is indeed a wacky book of opposites and includes others such as night and day, high and low, front and back. Of course, it wouldn’t be as much fun without the goofy illustrations and delightful rhymes!
if i ran the zoo If I Ran the Zoo: Time for some real fun! The zoo won’t be the same once this silly character gets his wish. Young Gerald McGrew would open the cages, let all the animals out, and start from scratch. He would hunt high and low for all sorts of unique animals, from the Mulligatawny to the Iota (which lives in “the far western part of south-east North Dakota”). Kids will wonder just which animals Gerald will go after next, as well as how wacky it looks, all thanks to the usual wild illustrations to match! The New Zoo will be a place to behold, and kids will all wish they could visit it.
the tooth book The Tooth Book: Writing this time as Theo LeSieg (which is actually Geisel spelled backward!), this silly story uses illustrations by Joe Mathieu in the same spirit as other titles on any Dr. Seuss books list. Turn the pages and kids will discover all sorts of rhymes about who has teeth, who doesn’t, and how kids can keep the teeth they have. It’s silly as well as informative, kids will see images of red-headed uncles (who look strangely like Theodore Roosevelt) and even jack-o-lanterns, all with teeth. Fun, silly, and great right before teeth brushing time before bed! Smile and show those teeth!
mcelligot’s pool McElligot’s Pool: Open this and discover the possibilities. A young boy fishes in McElligot’s Pool, and though passing adults let him know that it’s only a place where people throw away their junk. But the boy is undeterred. Instead, he wonders what might be down there. How deep is the pool? What if it meets up with a stream that leads to the sea, and fish swim up the stream to be under the pool? What if he manages to catch something amazing? With all sorts of possibilities before him, he waits patiently and only readers will see how his brief story ends.
if i ran the circus If I Ran the Circus: The circus is a magical place, ask any kid. It comes alive here when Little Morris McGurk imagines that if he could just clear out all the junk behind Mr. Sneelock’s old store, he could set up the amazing Circus McGurkus! There are all sorts of great things that can happen, from seeing Willy Walloo use a lasso, see a wrestling match with a Grizzly-Ghastly, and so much more. There’s so much to do and so much to see, it’s no wonder this rests among some of the best Dr. Seuss books where imaginations run wild and so do the illustrations!
ten apples up on top! Ten Apples Up On Top!: In this classic story, young kids get to learn how to read as well as how to count in fun ways. How can anyone resist cute animals balancing apples on their heads? It’s a competition with a dog, lion, and tiger to see who can balance the most apples on their head. Counting higher and higher, kids will almost be waiting for all the apples to come tumbling down in a big appley heap! Available as a hardcover or in board book format, it’s great for children ages 4-8. Perfect for beginning readers and kids who can already read and love good fun.
wacky wednesday Wacky Wednesday: No Dr. Seuss books list is complete without this great story! In ways that only crazy rhymes can deliver, the imagination gets to run wild with all sorts of unexpected occurrences. A young child wakes up one morning and to his surprise, nothing is where it should be! From shoes on the wall, bananas in the apple tree, to a worm chasing a bird, everything has gone totally upside-down. Kids are encouraged to seek out all the strange things on each page as they read along or have parents read to them. Illustrated by George Booth with Theo LeSieg as the author.
the shape of me and other stuff The Shape of Me and Other Stuff: First published in 1973, kids today can still get the chance to take a look at all sorts of different shapes – and not just circles and squares! In this Seuss-made book, this skips over the basics and goes straight to all the fun stuff, such as camels, bees, and even back door keys! Kids get to go beyond the usual shape association and make some really nifty discoveries, complete with silly rhymes and delightful illustrations. For any parent looking for something a little different for their child, this is it. Perfect for babies, preschoolers, and the ages in between.
i had trouble in getting to solla sollew I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew: For one little character in this tale, things are going just fine – until he stubs his toe and his tail is bitten by a Quilligan Quail. He decides that perhaps there’s a nicer, quieter place. He’s heard of a place called Solla Sollew and thinks it may very well be the place for him. So he heads out, only to face all sorts of trouble along the way. Readers will discover all about the mythical Solla Sollew along with the character and what it’s really like. Everyone may decide that it really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!
on beyond zebra! On Beyond Zebra!: Everyone knows their ABCs. They know that the alphabet ends at the letter Z – or does it? The main character takes a friend on a wacky tour of all those letters that follow Z, including showing him the creatures that use these unknown letters. Kids will giggle at Wumbus, Glikk, Nuh, Yuzz, and more. It’s easy to find all the right Dr. Seuss books online, including this one. Perfect for children ages 4-8, they’ll love to read it on their own or have mom and dad read to them. Give kids the chance to explore a “beyondabet” today!
the 500 hats of bartholomew cubbins The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins: The Ruler of Didd, King Derwin (who has actually showed up in previous Dr. Seuss books readers will recognize), is riding through town one day when he sees Bartholomew – with his hat still on. He wants to know why Bartholomew hasn’t taken his hat off for the king. Much to Derwin’s surprise – he did! Except he has another hat on underneath. There are plenty of hats to be had in this tale, and with so many, it might not be a good thing for poor Bartholomew. Kids will be pleased at the end to this tale and be happy to have read yet another totally wacky Seussian story.
thadwick the big-hearted moose Thadwick the Big-Hearted Moose: He’s such a nice moose! Thadwick lives on the shores of Lake Wanna-Bango and he has a stunning set of antlers. They’re so great, in fact, that everyone would love to take a ride on them. Soon, it seems as though he’s got half the forest perched atop his head! He’s not quite sure what to do about it either – he wants to be polite, but he also wants to be with his herd and go get something to eat! But as with any Seuss story, all’s well that ends well, and he not only get across the river in time for winter, but everyone is off his head as well!
hooray for diffendoofer day! Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!: This time everyone’s favorite author comes in the form of Jack Prelutsky for some goofy rhymes and Lane Smith for some wildly different illustrations. Here, children will get the chance to look at the result from some sketches, ideas, and tidbits straight from the one and only Theodore Geisel. Prelutsky and Smith give life to his ideas in a way that kids may not have expected. It’s an interesting switch up from typical Seussian style, but kids will be eager to see what others may come up with when it comes to some of his wacky ideas.
oh, say can you say? Oh, Say Can You Say?: Can you? Could you? Would you? There’s a lot to be said in this book – quite literally! Kids will have a blast trying to say all the tongue twisters packed into the pages. Silly characters, wacky rhymes, and gloriously bizarre pictures all crash into each other to create some super fun moments. Real words and complete and utter nonsense terms mix together for some utterly tongue turning, tumbling, twisting moments. Kids will try and try again to get these tricky phrases just right. Parents had better be ready for a challenge now and then – especially if they offer to read it to their children!
what was i scared of? What Was I Scared of?: You never know when a pair of pants might come to life. It could be a very scary time! Or is it really? As the narrator of this story worries about the pants, readers eventually come to realize that the very same pair of pants is just as afraid of the young storyteller in the book! Who knew pants could be scared? Even better, you can buy a book that glows in the dark so kids can have a fun time when the stars come out and the sun goes down! It’s good times and giggles all around!
the king’s stilts The King’s Stilts: Where on earth would you ever be able to find such a thing as a king on a pair of stilts? Only in Dr. Seuss books! Every day is a great day for King Birtram. Why? Because every day he races around town on his favorite pair of fantastic red stilts! However, one day he discovers that his beloved stilts have been stolen. Who could have taken them? Where are they hiding them? And what will poor King Birtram do without them? Funny and full of crazy rhymes, ideas, and of course, illustrations, it’s a story that will have kids in stitches.
i wish i had duck feet I Wish I Had Duck Feet: Who wants webbed feet like a duck? One little boy considers all the cool possibilities that could come with a pair of ducky feet. Once on that line of thought, he considers all the other cool things he could do with other animal appendages, from long tails to big horns. However, he does take the time to consider the possible downsides of a few of them! This is a great addition to any Dr. Seuss books list. Written under the name of Theo LeSieg and partnering with illustrator B. Tobey, it’s going to be a good time for any child reading.
daisy-head mayzie Daisy-Head Mayzie: The Cat in the Hat is back to give us a tale of a little girl who finds herself in the spotlight of a very unexpected phenomenon. Mayzie McGrew wakes up one day to find that a daisy has sprouted from her head. It’s confounding everyone, and suddenly she finds herself the butt of classmates’ jokes, worried about her parents’ panic, and caught up in media craziness. Readers will wonder what Mayzie will do about all this craziness and be pleased with the outcome. Another great title to add to your child’s Dr. Seuss books list.
i can lick 30 tigers today! I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today!: Apparently the Cat in the Hat isn’t the last or only one of his line! In this story, he tells readers tales of his son, who is as brave as him, his daughter, who is as wild as him, and his great-great-grandfather whom he certainly takes after! Each story is zany and full of Seussian rhymes that kids will love to read over and over again. After all, when there are so many tigers involved and readers get more characters like the Cat in the Hat – it’s hard not to resist! Adults may even take a peek at this story now and then!
hunches in bunches Hunches in Bunches: A look at the cover will definitely pique interests, and you can always take a quick peek inside even if you are only perusing Dr. Seuss books online. One small boy is trying to make up his mind. All his thoughts and decisions appear as Hunches. They all have ideas on what he should do, and eventually he’s got so many choices and thoughts to deal with, he finds himself thoroughly “murky-mooshy.” So what does the hero of the book ultimately decide? Which Hunch is right? Readers will have to giggle and flip their way through to find out!
dr. seuss beginner book collection Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Collection: If you want to cut down on the number of individual books on your Dr. Seuss books list, you can easily do so by snapping up a collection like this one. It makes for a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or just because kids deserve some fun and utterly silly stories. This collection features five of the most popular Seuss stories, from The Cat in the Hat to Green Eggs and Ham, and even Hop on Pop. Small children will appreciate these delightful books. Perfect for ages 4-8, these books come as hardcovers, making them durable and a great addition to any shelf.
your favorite seuss Your Favorite Seuss: The ultimate Seuss collection, here children will receive a baker’s dozen of the best titles ever crafted by Theodore Geisel. Thirteen of everyone’s favorite tales in hardcover format wait in this package. From Oh, The Places You’ll Go! to The Sneetches, kids will be able to enjoy all of the greatest tales. Also included are essays from certain people who have had their lives changed in some way by these books, as well as photos of the author, original sketches, and other memorabilia. Parents and children will all find something to love in this collection, though in the end, the stories will bring everyone together.
six by seuss Six by Seuss: Finish off your Dr. Seuss books list with a hardcover filled with six different stories by everyone’s favorite author. Keep several of his best stories all in one collection, each of them in their original glory. In this group you get The Lorax, And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories, Horton Hatches the Egg, and The 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. Now anytime kids want to read some of their favorites, they can just pull this off the shelf and enjoy all the rhymes and illustrations.When nonsense words and crazy illustrations are just what the doctor ordered, any one of these books will make for the perfect cure-all for kids!

When nonsense words and crazy illustrations are just what the doctor ordered, any one of these great picture books will make for the perfect cure-all for kids!

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