The Story of Martin Luther King Jr.

There is no age limit when it comes to appreciating and learning history. That’s one reason to consider purchasing historical board books for cialis cheap the youngest members of your family. The Story of Martin Luther King Jr., by Johnny Ray Moore, is written


t a reading level for kids aged four to eight years, but would be suitable for even toddlers to hold and look at. The fact that this is a board book makes it something

that kids will love to be able to bring along in the car, in the shopping cart, and in the

stroller. They will enjoy looking at the colorful pictures that enhance the text, which has only about 200 words total. Amy Wummer has done a wonderful job with the illustrations, helping make the book into a work of art that will draw the attention of young children, as well as be enjoyable for kids who are older. Kids love pictures that they can recognize. As your kids read and look at The Story of Martin Luther King Jr., they will learn to

recognize some of the landmark accomplishments he has made, repeat the often quoted words he spoke, and come to appreciate the ways he impacted our country. Children’s books are great tools for teaching kids history, while giving them something that they will enjoy looking at and reading on their own. The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. is a great tool for learning and instilling a love of reading that will be carried with your children throughout their entire lives. There is nothing that will help them in the future like having a love of reading and learning. Beginning early to instill a love for reading, learning, and history will assist greatly in the educational processes that will be so important to them as they grow. The future of your children may be enhanced by the tools you give them now, and this book is a great start. This story will touch the hearts of people of all ages, but will especially be appreciated by young children as a book they can hold and look at without being told to be careful.

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr.


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