Dinosaurs Divorce

dinosaurs divorce

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and this is the theme of this interesting dinosaur themed book, Dinosaurs Divorce. Divorce is often a difficult thing for children to understand, and with the help of this book your child might be able to understand just a little bit about divorce and the fact that it isn’t their fault.

While this is not one of your average dinosaur childrens books, the author makes use of a popular theme among children’s books to discuss a potentially traumatic and confusing time in the life of any child. Dinosaurs don’t divorce, but parents sometimes do. This book addresses a variety of things, from what happens during a divorce to why they happen.

Dinosaurs Divorce also takes a look at things like where holidays will be spent and where they will live.
Things are different after parents divorce, and such a thing can be especially confusing for a child who has different ideas about the inner workings of adult relationships—especially those of their parents. The subject of divorce can be a difficult thing for children to understand and parents are not always the best at explaining it to them. Dinosaurs Divorce might help to make this a bit easier.

If your child is going through a divorce with you or knows somebody else who is, this little dinosaur book is a great choice for the next addition to their home library. It is also perfect for classrooms, as kids are always going through things like this in their home lives.

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