When Dinosaurs Die

Death is a difficult thing for any person to understand, of any age. When Dinosaurs Die is a dinosaur themed book, which keeps kids engaged from the very beginning. The only difference is that these dinosaurs are not roaring and storming the earth, and they don’t look much like the dinos that you might find in your child’s science books. This book deals with the theme of death, and takes kids through the process of understanding death as well as understanding what it means to be alive.

When somebody dies in your family or in the life of your child, it can be very difficult for them to understand. When Dinosaurs Die helps kids to take a perspective other than that of their parent or teacher. It discusses what to do when someone dies, the fact that it is okay to be sad, and a way to remember the person who they lost.

It also teaches them that it is okay to talk to others about the issues of death when the opportunity presents itself. Everybody needs someone to talk to, and these dinosaur childrens books are a way for children to learn to deal with the sensitive issue of death at a young age.

When Dinosaurs Die is great for children who have lost someone, or those who know somebody that has lost somebody close to them. When you are little, dying is a hard concept to grasp. This dinosaur book takes a stab at rectifying that situation.

when dinosaurs die


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