When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

You know those lollipops, stickers, pens and pencils that you used to pick up as your parents ran their errands around town? When Dinosaurs Came with Everything is a take on that idea, exploring the idea of what life would be like if dinos came with everything instead of those other boring items. This dino themed book follows a little boy along his parents’ daily errands around town as he picks up souvenirs of his day. Instead of the normal candy and pencils, this little boy picks up dinosaurs. There are no other dinosaur childrens books out there quite like this one.

After he picks up his fourth prehistoric beast his mother has enough of that and takes everybody home for the day. After they get there she finds new and inventive ways to put these large and friendly beasts to work around the house.
If dinosaurs really did come with everything, things would be a lot different. When Dinosaurs Came with Everything is a great take on things and gives children something great to pretend when they are following their parents along during the day doing the things that they have to do, things that they would probably rather not be around for.

The watercolor style artwork in When Dinosaurs Came with Everything may be one of the best things about this story. Being that this is a one day only affair, the little protagonist loves the idea of collecting dinosaurs and running errands takes on a whole new life. This dinosaur book is a great addition to any home library or classroom collection of books.

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything


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