That’s Not My Dinosaur

that's not my dinosaur

For those out there with children under the age of two, “That’s Not My Dinosaur” is a delightful children’s books that teaches little ones about discerning items according to the way that they look and feel. This is not your average dinosaur book. Every page is a delightful treat for the senses, giving children different textures to feel, all in the name of helping the narrator to decide whether or not the toy dinosaur they are feeling is their own.

Kids are presented with numerous textures to feel, such as bumpy teeth in the mouth of the dino, slippery flippers on his feet or a soft, squishy body.

“That’s Not My Dinosaur” is a very simply written and beautifully illustrated dinosaur childrens book, helping small children to develop sensory awareness along with language awareness. The brilliant illustrations and simple yet engaging writing keeps kids visually entertained until the very last page, where they are finally able to find “My Dinosaur.”

This is a sturdy, durable picture book perfect for one of your children’s first books or for older children who are toddler aged. Little ones love reading and learning about these prehistoric creatures, and the textured feel of the various pages gives little ones an excuse to touch and interact with this book in ways that they would not be able to do with others. “That’s Not My Dinosaur” is a thoroughly entertaining, unique book for children that no dinosaur loving parent or child should miss out on.

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