Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!

oh my oh my oh my dinosaurs

Sandra Boynton is known for her hilarious, engaging books for children, and Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs certainly doesn’t depart from what she has allowed her readers to become accustomed to. This is a small dinosaur book—perfect for little hands who want to read. It explores the idea of opposites through the use of engaging pictures and words depicting these large reptilian beasts in all types of situations. They are happy and sad, small and large. They are taking part in all different kinds of activities, from galloping to lumbering. Simple words and silly pictures make this a great beginner’s book for those just learning to read or for the little ones still being read to.

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs is a great way for children to grasp a love of reading, especially if they are fond of the idea of dinosaurs as so  many are. The book is a board book, meaning that it strays from the traditional idea of books with cardboard covers and paper pages on the inside. This is great for little hands that would be otherwise destructive, and the small size of the book guarantees that this book will fit anywhere that your little one will.

If you are looking for a great dinosaur childrens books, this one covers more than one base. It teaches opposites, keeps kids interested, explores the magical world of large reptiles, and is pretty indestructible. Sandra Boynton is known for her clever cardboard books, and Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs a great one for any little dino lover.

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