My Big Dinosaur Book

For all of those little ones out there that are in love with dinosaur childrens books, this one is sure to please little ones of all ages. My Big Dinosaur Book is a great book especially for those ones that are too little to read on their own but are fascinated with the idea of reading, the idea of dinosaurs or both.

my big dinosaur book

This book is part of the My Big Book collection, a collection of large board books for children on a variety of subjects. For children who are fascinated with learning and discovering new things, this series that has sold more than three million copies is a great place to start.

This is a great book for kids who like pictures as well. Most of the dinosaur book selections on the market today are set with silly drawings of dinosaur characters in all kinds of poses. This one is a bit different, with realistic color pictures of what each type of dinosaur might have actually looked like. My Big Dinosaur Book is for children who desire real knowledge, much different from other books of its caliber.

The fact that this book is a board book makes it great for kids of all ages, especially those who like to drag their favorite book with them everywhere they go. Smaller kids are liable to cause a lot of damage to a book this way, but not with this heavy cardboard book. Any children who loves dinosaurs would be remiss not to have My Big Dinosaur Book as part of their collection.

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