How Do Dinosaurs Go to School

Some kids love to go to school. Other kids do not like school at all, and see it as one of those things that they must do and would much rather not. What if dinosaurs had to go to school, though? Would they handle the situation any differently from your little one? How Do Dinosaurs Go to School is one of many brilliant dinosaur childrens books that explore the idea of dinosaurs going to school just as your child does.

How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? Do dinosaurs yell out in class? What do they do if they lose a tooth in the middle of the school day? Do dinosaurs play fairly with others in class? Do they do their homework and pay attention to what their teachers tell them? Any issue that you may have with your little one is bound to be brought up in this brilliant dinosaur book. If you have other dinosaur book selections in your child’s home library, chances are that they are nothing like this brilliant little board book.

As all of the other books in the How do Dinosaurs series, this is a board book that makes it great for libraries, classrooms, reading circles and home reading groups.  How Do Dinosaurs Go to School is a great book for children of all ages, especially those who are going to school for the first time or are just preparing to return from summer break and starting a brand new school year.

how do dinosaurs go to school


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