Flapdoodle Dinosaurs

If you have smaller kids at home or those who are just in love with dinosaur childrens books, this one is sure to please. Flapdoodle Dinosaurs is a book with no real storyline, but it does introduce children to a variety of ideas. It teaches about colors, it teaches the names of different dinosaurs and uses adjectives to describe the dino friends found on each page.

flap doodle dinosaurs

For example with Spinosaurus Purple, we find out that his friends have a funny rhyming nickname for him, that his favorite drink (Melon Sluple) rhymes with is nickname, and that it makes his stomach make funny noises.

Sure, Melon Slurples aren’t real drinks, but the rhyming words engage children and  teach them a bit about the differences among people as well as these prehistoric giants. Flapdoodle Dinosaurs is unlike any other dinosaur book out there. It has big, bold words on one page and on the opposite page the dinosaurs jump to life. You open a bread box, there goes a dino. You open a pickle jar, out pops another. Pop-up books are a great way to keep children engaged and with the engaging words and equally amazing pictures kids are bound to love Flapdoodle Dinosaurs and regard it as one of their favorites.

This is great for kids reading alone or for times when you read together. It is also great for group reading as the book is large enough and bright enough for multiple kids to be able to be entertained all at once. For a great book about dinos that doesn’t make much sense this is a great find.


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