Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs

Any child with a love of dinosaur childrens books and pop up art would be remiss in not having Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs in their home library collection and the same goes for any parent who doesn’t look into this book for them. Chances are that you have never seen pop up art as exquisite as this before. Each page features a pop up art rendition of a type of dinosaur with their name and a paragraph about them on each page. Some of the pages feature additional pops ups, such as miniature books that go into more detail about the different types of dinosaurs in the book.
In addition to that, this dinosaur book also discusses things like the theories behind extinction and the lives of dinosaurs.

As far as educational books are concerned Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs is a one of a kind book, teaching kids about the lives of dinosaurs, the different dinosaurs that lived and information about each. It even helps with the pronunciation of the different dinosaur names, an issue that both parents and children tend to struggle with when it comes to dinosaur themed books.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs is not a story book like some of the other books that your children may have in their home libraries, but it is a great way to start learning about dinosaurs beyond the silly antics that they display in some children’s books. Any parent who wants to start their children out on scientific discoveries early should pick this one up.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs


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