Dinosaur Train

dinosaur train

Whether your child is a fan of dinosaurs or trains, Dinosaur Train is a book that is sure to please. This book tells the story of a little boy named Jesse who has two simple obsessions: dinosaurs and trains. He falls into a daydream of sorts relating to his two favorite things. Out of nowhere, he feels the house shake and the shout of a conductor screaming “All Aboard!” After that, this dinosaur book is unlike any other that your child has likely ever read or been read.

He climbs aboard this magical train with the help of a large, purple scaly reptile tail. It belongs to the conductor, a big purple dinosaur. While he is dressed very appropriately for a conductor, he is a dinosaur. Then again, so are the rest of the passengers.

This is one of the most creative dinosaur childrens books of them all. This Dinosaur Train is just that—a train with dinosaurs as their only passengers. Think of who you might normally see on a train.  A nice old lady. A punk teenager. Businessmen and businesswomen. All of these people are found on the Dinosaur Train, only they are dinosaurs.

Any child with an imagination should certainly be able to appreciate this amazing little book. The words are simple so are great for children of all ages and those who are learning to read on their own. The brilliantly colored illustrations of playful, engaging dinosaurs are the best part of this novel little children’s book.

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