Danny and the Dinosaur

Anybody who loves Curious George or Clifford the Big Red Dog should love the adventures of Danny and his dinosaur in this amazing little dinosaur book. Danny and the Dinosaur is the story of a little boy who has a dinosaur come to life at the museum, much to his surprise. The best thing about this is that the dinosaur plays with Danny and spends the entire day with him and his friends. What child doesn’t dream of something amazing like this happening to him or her?

Danny and the Dinosaur is a great book for children who are just learning to read. The pictures are great for children who need pictures in a book to help them understand what the words mean. Even so, the words are simple yet beautifully written and great for those who are taking a stab at reading books on their own.

Being that Danny and the Dinosaur is more than fifty years old, this is certainly a classic. It takes kids on an adventure involving Danny and his reptilian pet. He finds that it is difficult to play hide and seek with a pet dinosaur, but finds great fun in spending part of his day at the ballpark with his dinosaur.

If your child loves the idea of dinos as so many kids do, this is a great way to begin to inspire a love of reading with them. These dinosaur childrens books are in the I Can Read book series, perfect for schools and home libraries.

Danny and the Dinosaur

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