Curious George’s Dinosaur Discovery Book

Curious George, “that curious little monkey” is at it again in this cute little dinosaur book involving the ever mischievous little primate, George the monkey. In Curious George’s Dinosaur Discovery Book, the Man in the Yellow Hat decides to surprise George and take him to a museum. They go on an exciting trek through the museum, where George is introduced to the idea of dinosaurs and is very intrigued. To his surprise, they continue through the museum and go right out the back door. It seems that the Man in the Yellow Hat has another surprise in store for George.

curious george dinosaur discovery book

Troublesome as he is, this dino loving monkey is being taken on a real archeological dig for dino bones! George’s curiosity always gets the best of him, and this is no different. In trying to imitate the digging and sifting actions of the scientists George finds himself in a world of trouble that he never expected, and he makes some amazing discoveries along the way.

The original authors of the classic Curious George books have long since passed, but the author of Curious George’s Dinosaur Discovery Book keeps with the original tone and style of the authors and produces another quality classic book about the adventures of this troublesome little monkey. Dinosaur childrens books aren’t usually quite like this, but Curious George’s Dinosaur Discovery Book combines two child favorites: dinosaurs and Curious George the monkey. This one is a Curious George book your children are sure to love.


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