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Children’s books about dinosaurs have always been popular, but these days there are more options than ever. We’ve taken a look at the books out there and come up with the best available options. From educational to hilarious, the books on this list are great choices for kids who can’t get enough of dinosaurs.

dinosaur books

Top 5 Dinosaur Books

how do dinosaur's say goodnight How Do Dinosaur’s Say Goodnight: This hilarious book from Jane Yolen shows kids that dinosaurs are quite a bit like them! It starts out by asking what dinosaurs do when they’re feeling under the weather. Do they sneeze? Do they use tissues and leave them scattered about the room? Does the dinosaur refuse his medicine? Just like people, dinosaurs hate being sick and they get afraid when it’s time to go to the doctor. So how do they get better? They drink lots of liquids, they sleep all they can, and they are on their best behavior when they visit the doctor – because doctors know best!
dinosaur roar Dinosaur Roar: There are all kinds of dinosaurs, just like there are all kinds of people. From huge to tiny, from fast to slow, from roaring to gentle, this book showcases all the opposites available in the world of dinosaurs. And what better place to show all the different ones out there? Why, a dinosaur picnic! The book is full of silly, playful rhymes with hilarious and delightful illustrations. Not only is it a great book about dinosaurs, but it’s also a great way to introduce children to the concept of opposites. This is one book that will have kids giggling out loud.
i love you stinky face I Love You Stinky Face: Mothers love their kids no matter what, right? Well what if their kid turns into a dinosaur who hunts and eats people? What if their kid turns into a stinky, smelly swamp creature? That’s what the little tyke in this book wonders. How could his mom love him no matter what? He’s convinced that he’ll come up with a scenario in which she won’t love him quite as much, but after exhausting everything he can think of, he finally realizes that it’s true: she will love him no matter what. This is a sweet, silly story about a parent’s love for their child.
my big dinosaur book My Big Dinosaur Book: With over 3 million copies sold, My Big Dinosaur Book has been proven to be one of the most popular dinosaur books currently on the market. It’s created in a fantastic large format, which makes it a great choice for babies and toddlers as well as older readers. The book has two main focuses: to teach kids about dinosaurs and to increase their vocabulary. Like all of the best books for learning, it is fun first and foremost, but the lessons within are quite useful and comprehensive. This is a great choice for kids who love new vocabulary words as much as they love their dinosaurs.
dinosaurumpus! Dinosaurumpus!: There are a lot of things to love about this book. First, the story is adorable. It’s about a group of dinosaurs who love to dance – even though they’re not particularly graceful. They run, boom, shake, and shudder the night away. What’s more, they do so with hilarious rhymes that will not only engage children but will actually get them motivated to get up and dance! This is a great book to get kids moving on a rainy day when they just don’t feel like doing much. By the end of the book, the dinosaurs are sound asleep, but kids can keep their own party going.

Best Dinosaur Reference Books

big book of dinosaurs Big Book of Dinosaurs: Everything about this book is bold! The size is huge, the spreads are all two pages long, it comes with color models and the type is even large. This is an opportunity for kids to really experience what these massive beasts were really like. From the jagged teeth of the meat eating predators to the slashing claws, to the long necks that could reach up to 5 stories high, this book shows kids just how how much variance there was in these animals. There is plenty of text and information included, but it’s expertly selected to not overburden kids and to ensure that most of all the book is fun to read.
national geographic kids ultimate dinopedia National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia: Don Lessem, the author of National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia, has written more than sixty books and most of those are dinosaur books. In this volume, he works with expert illustrator Franco Tempesta to bring a unique angle on the beloved subject of dinosaurs. The goal is accessible writing and visually amazing illustrations, and that goal has been achieved. It’s chock full of facts that dinosaur aficionados will be in awe of. We love this book because it has beginning info for younger kids with lots of little-known facts to ensure that there is something in this book for kids of all levels.
first dinosaur encyclopedia First Dinosaur Encyclopedia: This is a great introduction for younger kids who are just learning how fantastic the dinosaurs were. It includes extremely well-done photographs of both dinosaur models and artifacts, as well as illustrations. The captions are each about a paragraph long, and they provide plenty of information without being overwhelming. This book can be either read or browsed. Some kids like to pick it up to a random page and read it a bit at a time, while others will sit down and read it in its entirety, time after time. The end includes the basics of paleontology as well as various theories of why the dinosaurs went extinct.

Dinosaur Books: Honorable Mentions

saturday night at the dinosaur stomp Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp: For kids who love both dinosaurs and hilarious books that are a rhyming good time, this is the children’s book for them. It’s exciting, it’s funny, and it’s full of silly pictures of dinosaurs. Kids learn what their Jurassic friends do to let off some steam – dance! Rocking, rolling, twirling, tromping – the dinosaurs have themselves a dinosaur stomp. All the best dinosaurs are there: Diplodocus, Duckbill, T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Allosaurus and much more. This is the type of book that gets kids laughing, singing along, and begging to read the book just one more time.
dinosaurs love underpants Dinosaurs Love Underpants: Finally, an answer to the age old question: what happened to the dinosaurs? Scientists may have their own theories, but the author / illustrator team Claire Freedman and Ben Cort have found an answer of their own: the dinosaurs perished as a result of an underpants war! This book is both a celebration of underpants and dinosaurs, as the laugh out loud funny T-Rex and gang go about their adventures. The lyrical text is funny and a perfect choice to be read out loud. Of course the illustrations are quite amusing in their own regard, and overall this is simply a lovely and entertaining read.
ten terrible dinosaurs Ten Terrible Dinosaurs: Here’s yet another group of dinosaurs who love to dance the night away. One by one they leave the scene, as they get all tuckered out from a day of dancing. Not only is this a lovely, fun-filled tale, but it’s a great book for kids who are just learning to count. Illustrated by Paul Strickland, the pictures are bright and fun, which are a perfect companion to the rhyming text within. Overall, this is another interesting book that uses dinosaurs to help kids learn important lessons. Whether it’s for a kid who’s loved dinosaurs for years or who’s just being introduced, it’s sure to be a hit.
oh my oh my oh dinosaurs! Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!: Sandra Boynton is one of the most beloved authors of children’s books, and she’s really hit it out of the park with Oh My Oh My Dinosaurs!. This is a book about opposites, in which kids learn that some dinosaurs dance, while others play volleyball. Some are artistic, while others enjoy a day in the sun. Just like people, dinosaurs each have their own unique hobbies and likes. The drawings are colorful, oversized, and hilarious, and this is sure to be a hit for fans of Boynton’s other books, or those who experiencing her for the first time.
dinosaurs, dinosaurs Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs: Many, many years ago, there were lots and lots of dinosaurs. Some were big, some were small, and some had horns on their backs. So goes the story in Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs. Byron Barton paints a realistic picture of what life was like for these ancient creatures. In fact, he paints such a realistic picture that the book won several science awards, including the Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children Award, and the Editor’s Choice from Science Books and Films. Kids who want to know what it was really like when dinosaurs ruled the earth will learn quite a bit in this info-packed book.
how do dinosaur's play with their friends? How Do Dinosaur’s Play With Their Friends?: From the bestselling and award-winning team of author Jane Yolen and illustrator Mark Teague comes the 4th book in the dinosaur series. This one is a wonderful story about friendship. It answers important questions like what dinosaurs do when a friend comes over to play, what a dinosaur does if he doesn’t get his way, whether he shares with is friends, and how he treats the toys of his friends. The overlying theme is the encouragement of children to play nice when having fun with their friends, and the book shows that it’s just more fun to do so.
skippyjon jones and the big bones Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones: The little kitty Skippyjon Jones is just crazy about dinosaurs! He travels through his closet to the land of dinosaurs, in hopes of discovering the often talked about but never seen Skipposaurus. Much to his surprise he instead runs into his old friends the Chimichango Gang. A T-Mex comes along to threaten the entire group of friends, but El Skippito comes to the sword-fighting rescue. This is just one of the adventures found in this fantastic and hysterical book that follows the search of a Siamese cat with big ears and an even bigger imagination.
how do dinosaur's eat their food? How Do Dinosaur’s Eat Their Food?: Here’s of the dinosaur books from the collaborating team of Yolen and Teague. This one focuses on good table manners. Do dinosaurs burp, belch or make rude noises while they eat? Do they pick at their food, throw their dishes around, and make others pick up after them? Kids can have a hard time learning how to behave at the table, but this book makes table manners fun to learn. The rambunctious dinosaurs in the story learn their lessons the hard way, and through their story kids will discover just how much fun it can be to have great table manners.
how to be a friend: a guide to making friends and keeping them How to Be a Friend: A Guide to Making Friends and Keeping Them: For some, learning how to deal with other people comes easy. For others, it doesn’t – but the good news is that there are skills kids can learn to get along with anyone. These dinosaurs had the same problem, but now they know the secrets and they’re ready to share. Readers will learn how to show other kids that they want to be friends, how to deal with bullies, what makes a good friend and what makes a bad friend, as well as tips on how to settle arguments.
how do dinosaur's clean their rooms? How Do Dinosaur’s Clean Their Rooms?: Award-winning and bestselling duo Yolen and Teague have been on this list quite a bit, and for good reason. Each of their stories is entirely unique, though their characters will be familiar to loyal fans. This book shows kids how to clean their rooms, courtesy of a couple of big ole dinosaurs who don’t seem to have it together. They’ve got trash cans, they’ve got brooms – and they’ve got a big old mess! Will they learn how to come together to get it cleaned up in no time? Readers will learn how satisfying it is to accomplish the clean-up of your own mess.
that's not my dinosaur That’s Not My Dinosaur: Designed with younger kids in mind, this book has tons of interesting stuff going on. The textures are different on each page and range from the bumpy teeth of one dinosaur to the slippery flippers of another. The text and illustrations are both simple yet detailed, which helps young children to learn language awareness. The different textures will get them interested in the book, as they’ll reach for it time and time again to see what they’ll feel next. This is a great book for kids who are just getting to the age where they appreciate flipping through books.
oh, say can you say di-no-saur? Oh, Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?: When you think of classic children’s books, it’s likely that The Cat in the Hat is one of the first that comes to mind. There are actually several different books in the series, including Oh, Say Can You Say Di-no-saur? In this lively and hilarious romp, the Cat in the Hat comes back to Dick and Sally’s house, but now he’s got a brachiosaurus! He swoops up Dick and Sally and takes them back millions of years so they can see how fossils were created. The Cat in the Hat makes the perfect guide to the world of dinosaurs.

This list contains children’s books about dinosaurs that deal with the real life creatures who lived millions of years ago. Others are whimsical, light hearted books that imagine what it would be like if dinosaurs were still alive today. Each book has its own unique assets and would be a welcome addition to a dinosaur library.

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