The Water Hole

A counting book? Yes. Another normal 1-10 counting book? Definitely not. The Water Hole, by Graeme Base, is not your run of the mill counting book. Nor is it simple a simple counting book. Like Graeme Base’s other stunning books, this one will be sure to offer you more than you thought you might find in a children’s book.

With stunning illustrations of animals from all different areas of the world, children are introduced to not only counting how many, but finding the missing animals that are hiding on each page. With the focus of the story being The Water Hole the animals all use to drink from, and with it growing smaller as each group convenes, counting each group becomes part of the story. Not only are there a vast amount of animals that come from all parts of the world, but there are recognizable land marks to give hints about what part of the world the animals featured on each page come from. Graeme Base has turned what was meant to be a picture book for ages 4-8, into a masterful artwork that draws everyone who sees it to play the game and solve the puzzle within.

Children’s books have taken on a new challenge in the books by Graeme Base, and this is one that will make the challenge even harder to beat. With colorful illustrations, masterful designs of animals and nature that can’t be matched by any other. Whimsical, mystical, fantastic, and vivid pictures, make this wonderful book a piece of art, as well as an educational tool. The Water Hole is one book that every family will fall in love with.

the water hole

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