10 Little Rubber Ducks

What child doesn’t love a counting book? With 10 Little Rubber Ducks, you get more than a counting book- you actually get an amazing story about the little toy rubber ducks, that will offer  you and your children an adventure that includes travel, distance, direction, interacting with other animals, and counting. All thanks to the master of children’s books, Eric Carle.

When the rubber ducks are being made at the duck factory, they are loaded into boxes to be shipped to their various locations. One box that contains the 10 Little Rubber Ducks in the story, is knocked off the cargo ship that is supposed to deliver it, and the ducks are accidentally dumped into the ocean, where they each end up floating away in many different directions. While you follow the adventures of each duck, you will be entertained by whales, dolphins, and other animals. You will also be given a heartwarming look at the little duck who drifts all alone, feeling helpless and small in the big ocean. As the end of the story comes, there is a surprise waiting that will offer a happy ending for the little duck who was all alone.

Eric Carle is known for his funny, educational and heartwarming stories, and this is no exception. With the colorful illustrations that he always delivers, the visual part of the story will help draw the reader in even more. 10 Little Rubber Ducks is a wonderful story to share with your children, and will become one of their favorite children’s books ever.

10 little rubber ducks

10 little rubber ducks


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