There are a number of things that are important for a child to learn. Sometimes, we forget the enormity of what it must feel like to be young and to not understand how to read or even how to count. The average parent doesn’t have the educational background necessary to help their children to learn all about numbers, which is why many find themselves seeking out counting books as a way to help their children learn how to recognize and count numbers. There are a variety of different types of books to choose from for those who are looking for a way to help their child learn all about numbers.

63 Books to Help Teach Your Kids About Numbers & Counting.

Top 10 Children’s Counting Books

ten little ladybugs Ten Little Ladybugs: Children love stories. Not only do they love stories, they love stories that include things that can be played with on the pages. The story of Ten Little Ladybugs is all about helping a child learn how to start at one and go to ten. Each page has a little ladybug on it, but instead of just being flat ladybugs, these ladybugs pop off of the page and look real. As you turn the page, a new ladybug will pop up, eventually going from one ladybug to ten! The simple rhyming scheme of the book makes it fun to listen to, and it is easy for young children who are reading to be able to understand and read, making it easy for an older sibling to read to their younger sibling. The pop-out ladybugs keep children entertained and make it easier to learn how to count from one to ten.
counting kisses Counting Kisses: This wonderfully fun story written by Karen Katz (known for her book Over the Moon) is an irresistible tale to read. It starts with a little baby who is trying to be put to sleep by her family. The way they get her to go to sleep is by giving her kisses on all the parts of her body. They start with ten kisses on “teeny tiny toes” and move on to “nine laughing kisses on busy, wriggly feet.” As the story goes on, there are more and more kisses for the baby to receive, each helping the baby to drift off slowly to dreamland. While this story is a wonderful one to read for those children who are learning all about their numbers, it’s also a great book to read to those little ones who are themselves getting ready to go to dreamland.
one fish two fish red fish blue fish One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish: Every young child loves the rhythm and rhyme of Dr. Seuss, and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is a classic tale that can be read over and over and over again without parents or children getting bored. While the book isn’t all about learning numbers, it does incorporate numbers into the story, making it something that can teach children as well as something that’s simply enjoyable to read. This timeless story isn’t one tale, but rather a number of them. Each little vignette is filled with rhymes and is easy for young children to read, often helping little children learn how to read words such as “red” and “blue” and how to learn their colors as well as their numbers. With this story, almost any child can begin to read along after only reading a few of the pages with their parents.
my first highlight book of numbers My First Highlight Book of Numbers: Animals are a wonderful way to learn all about the basic numbers (1-10), and My First Highlight Book of Numbers is an award-winning book that teaches children how to learn their numbers in a special way. It is filled with simple techniques that parents can use in order to help their children learn how to count from one to five. And while five isn’t the highest number that children need to be able to learn to get to, it is a great way to get little ones to start counting, as they have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. Children who learn to count their fingers and toes will gradually move to counting on both hands and both feet, and they will learn how to use all of their numbers extremely effectively.
hippos go berserk Hippos Go Berserk: Fun, lovable hippos all together are great, but one hippo all alone? That is boring. That is why one little hippo decides to call a friend over. That hippo friend brings a few more, and those bring along a few more. Before the night is over, there are tons of hippos in the house, making the lonely hippo feel a little crowded. So the hippos finally leave a few at a time, finally leaving the first hippo alone so that he can enjoy the quiet but can also miss the other hippos that have left! This story of silliness has engaged children since 1977, helping those who are very young to learn their numbers and helping those who are older to learn how to read and to have fun while counting even higher than they ever have before. This author also has a number of other story titles that have been engaging children for years.
ten black dots Ten Black Dots: In 1968, a children’s book was written that was designed to help little ones learn all about numbers. The book, entitled Ten Black Dots, has been redesigned and revised to hold more appeal for children and their parents. It has a larger format and is much easier for children to read. While it doesn’t have amazing illustrations like some stories do, it also shows you what you can do with just a few black dots. This story is an excellent one for those parents who would like to teach their children pre-math skills. After reading the story, parents can give children Ten Black Dots and a writing utensil such as a crayon or marker along with a blank piece of paper and can help children to use their imagination to see what they can come up with, making it an ideal book on so many different levels.
doggies Doggies: Well-known children’s author and artist Sandra Boynton, a woman who has sold millions of copies of her stories, has created Doggies. This wonderful board story features some of the animal characters that made Boynton famous along with the nontraditional use of text that she’s known for as well. The story is all about dogs and allows parents to get down and have some silly fun with their children, barking, woofing, and howling right along with their little ones! It is all about ten doggies, each doggie having a different bark. As you count off the doggies, your child gets to hear a different bark. Each bark is extremely different, from the classic “woof” to an “arf” and even a few “nnn’s.” Sure to make both parents and children howl (with laughter as well as with the barking sounds they’ll become swept up in and encouraged to make), this story is a great way for children to learn their numbers.
how do dinosaurs count to ten? How Do Dinosaurs Count To Ten?: The “How Do Dinosaurs…” series has become extremely popular among children and their parents for a number of reasons. Mostly, it is a great way for children to learn about things such as colds or their ABC’s or even counting. The How Do Dinosaurs Count To Ten? story is all about how dinosaurs learn about their numbers, and as is the usual with these dinosaurs, they don’t do anything simply. The dinosaurs change up the way they get from one to ten, and each dinosaur does it differently, making it easy for a child to find themselves among the different dinosaurs that are represented. Each dinosaur has a rhyme on their page, captivating the attention of children thanks to the singsongy spirit of the storybook and making it more fun for adults to read to their children as well.
chicka chicka 1-2-3 Chicka Chicka 1-2-3: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a favorite among preschool teachers, parents, and children alike for its innovative way of helping children to learn all about letters. The Chicka Chicka rhymes are back with Chicka Chicka 1-2-3. This tale is very much like the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom story that has delighted children for many years, and much like the original story, something is climbing up a tree. This time, its numbers that are making their climb up the tree, and the lonely number zero is asking, “Will there be a place for me?” Ninety-nine numbers manage to get up the tree before a swarm of bees come tearing after them. Finally, at the end of the story, zero finds his place, making for a very happy ending. While it goes far above and beyond the normal one through ten counting books that children in preschool see, it is a great deal of engaging fun to read.
russell the sheep Russell the Sheep: Normally, people count sheep in order to get to sleep, but what happens when sheep can’t sleep? Russell the Sheep has that problem – he can’t sleep. He can’t figure out why he can’t sleep, and eventually, he decides to start counting things. He starts his counting with his toes and then starts looking at things that are much higher and more difficult to add up, including even the stars in the sky. Russell is a fun sheep, and the illustrations in the book are enjoyable for children and parents to look at. Children often laugh at poor Russell, who tries everything he can think of to fall asleep, eventually realizing that one of the best ways to fall asleep is to count sheep, which will have children and their parents smiling at the end of the story.

Picture Books Abouy Counting: Gold Honors

i’m dirty! I’m Dirty!: The story of I’m Dirty! is all about a backhoe loader who gets rid of junk in an abandoned lot. He decides to count the mess as he cleans up, and both he and his backhoe get dirtier throughout all of the trials and tribulations they go through. The backhoe driver starts with ten things, eventually getting down to “two tossed-out toilet seats and one wonky washing machine.” With this tale, children learn not how to read numbers up, but also how to read numbers down, a task that can help children to learn wonderful pre-math skills.
zin! zin! zin! a violin Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin: There are many children’s books which are designed to teach children just one thing, but there are a few that are designed to teach more than that. Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin is a story that is designed to help children to understand about a variety of things, including colors and numbers. This tale of music is all about musicians practicing on stage, starting with one lonely musician and then moving up to ten playing their instruments, creating a veritable orchestra of beautiful music to listen to. The bright colors and beautiful scenery in this story will enthrall children for hours.
how many bugs in a box? How Many Bugs in a Box?: Stories which have lift-up pages are wonderful for children because they allow them to be interactive with the tale, which also makes them pay much better attention to what is going on. The story of How Many Bugs in a Box? is one that has lift-up pages and is designed to help children understand all about numbers and how to get from one to ten. It starts with one tough bug and moves its way up to ten saw bugs, delighting and surprising children with every flap that is lifted from the page. It is a great way to teach counting to young children.
my book of numbers 1-30 My Book Of Numbers 1-30: The story My Book Of Numbers 1-30 is based on what is known as the Kumon Method. This is an educational philosophy that is designed to help unlock the learning potential that rests in the mind of each child. This story helps children to develop their math skills, teaching them all about the numbers from one to thirty and giving them practice in not only recognizing the numbers, but also in writing them. It is an excellent way to teach children who are starting with their basic math skills and for those who are looking to back-up their current knowledge.
1, 2, 3 to the zoo 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo: Children’s author Eric Carle is known for his unique illustrations of animals, and 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo is no exception. The animals in 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo are filled with unique, artistic, and beautiful-looking animals, making it so much fun for children to look at that they often do not even realize that they are learning how to count from one to ten simply by reading the fun story. Starting with one elephant and moving all the way up to ten birds, this fun counting story is one that will engage children for a very long time.
anno’s counting book Anno’s Counting Book: Counting animals and other creatures is fun, but the tale of Anno’s Counting Book is all about children realizing that there are a number of things to count right around them. The story starts with a simple landscape in the winter. Then things start to appear, including one tree, then one bird, then one house. Once the snow melts, other things appear, including trucks, trees, dogs, and children. Before children and parents know it, there are too many things to count on each page, showing that there are numbers in the real world everywhere you turn.
one, two, three! One, Two, Three!: Children’s author Sandra Boynton brings one of her wonderful picture books to children again, this time in such a way as to help children learn all about their numbers. This story One, Two, Three! is all about farm animals that are dancing a fun country dance. As the story goes on, so too does the fun, allowing children to share in the joys of all of the animal friends, including cats, pigs, cows, and even hippos. Hippos? Yes, hippos! This funny tale is one that will have children enjoying numbers and laughing all through the reading, no matter whether it’s the first reading or the fifteenth!.
olivia counts Olivia Counts:: Everyone’s favorite pig, Olivia, is back in a story that’s all about learning numbers! The story of Olivia Counts is all about Olivia learning how to go from one to ten. But because she’s Olivia, she doesn’t learn the way that every other preschooler learns but in her own special way, providing tons of laughs and giggles along the way. The tale starts with one ball that is at the beach and ends with not one, not two, but ten Olivias doing all sorts of things! This story is sure to engage children as all Olivia tales do!.
cookie count: a tasty pop-up Cookie Count: A Tasty Pop-Up: A Tasty Pop-Up : Pop-up books are always enjoyable and popular with children, as they give children a great visual reference to whatever is going on in the story that they’re reading. Cookie Count: A Tasty Pop-Up is a pop-up book like no other, bringing children along on a number adventure while things pop up on every page that they turn. Each page is all about some form of a sweet treat, including peanut-butter cookies, coconut kisses, and even a sweet gingerbread house! Delicious to look at, this story will make children and their parents both wish that the pop-up pictures could come to life.
the water hole The Water Hole: The wonderful illustrations of children’s author Graeme Base are definitely a sight to behold. Much like a well-designed theme park, it takes hours to pour over all of the images in the books written and illustrated by Graeme Base. The Water Hole is all about the allure of hidden wild things that gather at the watering hole. A number of animals show up at the watering hole, helping children to learn all about numbers as they count one elephant, ten kangaroos, and so on, making the watering hole slowly shrink as more and more animals gather around it.
one to ten pop-up surprises! One to Ten Pop-up Surprises!: Young children love pop-up and counting books, and One to Ten Pop-up Surprises! is a pop-up story that is filled with wonders that will keep them coming back for more. This simple story has bold numbers on every page. Once you pull the tab (or lift the flap) that corresponds with the number, an animal will pop down or up. There’s one spotted frog for the number one, two toucans for the number two, and so on. These fun surprises are designed for tons of laughter and smiles as parents and children enjoy the story.
ten apples up on top Ten Apples up on Top: Some stories last forever simply because they are such wonderful stories and work so well at accomplishing what they set out to do. Ten Apples up on Top set out to help children learn how to read as well as how to recognize numbers, and it has succeed beyond the author’s wildest dreams. For years children have used Ten Apples up on Top in order to learn how to count from one to ten, making it one of the most sought after stories by both parents and preschool teachers.
10 minutes to bedtime 10 Minutes to Bedtime: When there are ten minutes until bedtime, it’s time to get everything ready and to snuggly…unless, of course, you’re in the home of the child who lives in 10 Minutes to Bedtime. This child’s hamster, it seems, has put an advertisement online for a “10 Minute Bedtime Tour,” and when it’s 10 minutes until bedtime, tons of hamsters start invading his bedroom for a tour! Every minute is counted down as the hamsters take their tour, giving children and adults a great deal of fun and laughter while they read about the exploits of the boy and his hamster.
five little monkeys jumping on the bed book & cd Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Book & CD: A classic children’s tale, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is a rhyme that everyone knows. The monkeys, being as mischievous as monkeys are wont to be, tell their mother good night and then start jumping on their bed! Over and over, however, the monkeys fall off and get harmed, leaving the mother to call for the doctor to take care of them. This monkey of a tale is easily read by parents, or children can enjoy the fun CD that comes along with the book that reads the story aloud with fun sound effects.
one duck stuck One Duck Stuck: Who doesn’t love a children’s book with fun sound effects? But it’s not just the sound effects that make this tale one that’s enjoyable to read; it’s the story itself. This tale is one of a duck that gets stuck in the muck. While she’s there, she gets some help to get unstuck from all sorts of creatures, including two fish, three moose, four crickets, etc. This fun tale has some great wordplay in it and helps children learn their numbers in a fun and unassuming way, often leading to surprised parents whose children learn how to recognize numbers and count from one to ten simply by reading the story a few times.
math curse Math Curse: Even before children can learn about math, they are doing math, as Math Curse shows. In this story, children learn all about the things that they have to do during the day which actually require math! A young girl is told by her teacher that she can think of almost everything as a math problem, and so the girl starts seeing math all over the place. For instance, she has ten things to do but only thirty minutes to do them in – how long can she take to do each task? A great read for younger and older children!.
10 little rubber ducks 10 Little Rubber Ducks: Ten little rubber ducks wind up not where they’re supposed to be, resulting in a fun tale for children and parents to read together. The story of 10 Little Rubber Ducks is all about ten ducks that accidentally fall into the sea during their trip to the store. Each one goes a different direction, and each one comes across a different animal. The very last duck is adopted by a sweet mama duck and ends her day with a goodnight “quack.” A fun little rubber duckie on the back of the story quacks for real, inviting children in and making it fun for even very young children to enjoy.
my little sister ate one hare My Little Sister Ate One Hare: Some children will eat nothing, while others will eat everything! The story of My Little Sister Ate One Hare is all about a little girl who eats the strangest and often grossest of things. This little girl eats something odd on every page, and everything, of course, corresponds with a number. For instance, she eats three ants (she even eats their underpants). Fun for children who love hilarious rhyming stories (and especially for children who like to hear about gross things), this is one counting book that portrays counting in a wonderfully fun way.

Other Great Books About Counting

fifteen animals! Fifteen Animals!: The wonderful and popular children’s author Sandra Boynton does it again with Fifteen Animals! This fun story is all about fifteen Bobs! Well, there are actually 14 Bobs and one Simon James Alexander Ragsdale the Third. These fun animals allow children to add up tons of things, including all of the animals and what they eat! It’s a fun story for children and parents to read together, and with a simple story line, it’s easy for even the youngest of children to understand, follow along with, and even memorize it.
ten, nine, eight Ten, Nine, Eight: Sometimes it’s fun to count when you’re up and running around; other times it’s fun to add up numbers when it’s time to sleep. The story of Ten, Nine, Eight is much like a sleepy time book with bright colors and characters that are fun to read about. The story takes place in the bedroom of a young girl going to bed, and as she and her father count, it gets closer and closer to bedtime. A few goodnight kisses and a big hug lead the little girl to dreamland, and will likely lead young children to dreamland as well.
one hundred hungry ants One Hundred Hungry Ants: The story of One Hundred Hungry Ants goes far beyond basic adding skills and focuses more on trying to help children understand the concept of grouping. This mathematic tale shows ants that are marching in different groups. One group marches in a group of 100, while another group splits up into two groups of 50 which are equal to the larger group when combined. Another goes into four groups of twenty-five and so on. This is an excellent story to help children learn about grouping, which is a basic skill to help them learn multiplication and division.
how much is a million? How Much Is a Million?: Have you ever stopped to try to figure out how much a million really is? It’s such an abstract number that it’s hard for adults to comprehend, and it’s even more difficult for children to understand, which is why many teachers wait to teach counting to higher numbers until children get into much higher grades. But in the story of How Much Is a Million? Marvelosissimo the Mathematical Magician uses his powers to help show people what a million truly looks like. He starts by showing children that there are number greater than a hundred and continues by going up to the thousands, then into the ten thousands and up past a million and even a billion.
measuring penny Measuring Penny: Measuring things can be fun, as the author of Measuring Penny tries to show children. This story, intended for children who are between grades two and four, is all about measuring. A young girl named Lisa is sent home with a homework assignment to start measuring things using standard measuring units as well as nonstandard units. She chooses to measure her Boston terrier, Penny, and measures her in a variety of different ways. She finds that the dog’s nose is one inch long and that his tail is one biscuit long. This fun story is a great way to help children understand measurements.
charley harper 123s Charley Harper 123s: Illustrator Charley Harper has channeled his artistic talents into Charley Harper 123s. This fun little story is all about helping children to learn how to count the basic numbers one through ten with help from a variety of interesting animals. Animals such as ladybugs and other colorful wildlife help children learn all about numbers and counting them in a fun and brightly colorful way. Those who love Harper’s work will love the Charley Harper 123s story, and toddlers who are starting to learn about numbers will truly enjoy this animal-filled tale.
the penny pot The Penny Pot: This story, meant for children who are between grades one to three, is all about a young girl named Jessie. Jessie would like to have her face painted at the art fair, but it costs 50 cents and she only has 39 cents left. She sees a penny pot where young children put their change, so she sits down and collects the extra pennies until she has 51 of them. This helps children learn all about counting money, and life-sized coins are used in the story to help children learn all about the monetary denominations of change.
counting crocodiles Counting Crocodiles: Children who have seen things that they want will adore the story of Counting Crocodiles. This story is all about a little monkey who sees a banana tree on an island that is across a bit of water. She wonders how to get across and finally asks some crocodiles for help. She counts the crocodiles one at a time until she has enough to get from one island to the other, tricking them into making a crocodile bridge for her so that she can get her bananas and helping children to learn how to go from one to ten and back again.
curious george learns to count from 1 to 100 Curious George Learns to Count from 1 to 100: Who doesn’t love Curious George? This delightfully inquisitive little monkey has delighted children for decades, and in Curious George Learns to Count from 1 to 100, he helps them learn all about numbers. One morning at the town’s Centennial celebration, The Man with the Yellow Hat challenges George to count up to 100, so George starts counting. Children will love adding up the numbers along with George as he goes from one up to the fairly large number of 100. A fairly long counting book, this story is a wonderful one for home or preschool.
inch by inch Inch by Inch: A cute little green inch warm is relaxing on a piece of grass when a Robin tries to eat him. Instead of getting eaten, the inch warm convinces the Robin to let him measure the beautiful Robin’s tale! The inch warm is then brought around to other birds so that he can measure their tails as well. Inch by Inch is a wonderful story all about how a little inch worm tricks the birds and manages to talk himself out of being eaten, and it also teaches children about the basics of measuring.
my book of numbers 1-120 My Book of Numbers 1-120: The story My Book of Numbers 1-120 uses the Kumon Method in order to help teach children all about the numbers from one to 120. The Kumon Method is focused on teaching children in a step-by-step approach, and with My Book of Numbers 1-120, it’s all about helping children learn their numbers by having them trace and write their numbers many times. The more they write the numbers, the better their foundation in numbers is and the more prepared they are for the math they will encounter in later life.
one gorilla: a counting book One Gorilla: A Counting Book: The tale of One Gorilla: A Counting Book is all about how one gorilla walks along to different areas, including a forest and the prairie. Along the way, he meets a variety of other animals, allowing each page to count the animals as well as to say “and one gorilla.” The repetitiveness of the story allows children to learn how to memorize and recognize not only numbers, but words as well, as the story takes the gorilla to a variety of places and allows children to meet a variety of different animals.
a frog in the bog A Frog in the Bog: A repetitive story is often one that young children will not only understand better, but that they will be able to learn from easier as well. The story of A Frog in the Bog is all about a frog who is on a log in the middle of, of course, a bog. This frog likes to eat things, and much like the classic tale of the woman who swallowed a fly, it eats more and more, allowing children to follow along in the silliness as the frog first eats two things, then three, and then more!.
mouse count Mouse Count: What happens when a slithery, hungry snake happens upon ten sleeping mice? He thinks he’s found lunch! That’s what happens in the story of Mouse Count. In this story, the snake decides to snatch up all of the mice and put them into a jar for safe-keeping (so that he can eat them later, of course). The mice, thankfully, trick the snake and start jumping back out of the jar again, counting backwards as they jump out and teaching children not only about numbers, but also about perseverance.
1-2-3: a child’s first counting book 1-2-3: A Child’s First Counting Book: Learning how to recognize and add up the numbers from one to ten is important, but the journey starts with a very simple step, which is what is included in the story of 1-2-3: A Child’s First Counting Book. This children’s book focuses on teaching the very young exactly how to start their counting journey, beginning with one, then two, and so on. Designed for simple reading, the story is filled with beautiful illustrations in order to keep children’s eyes captivated on the pages as well as to keep parents from becoming too bored with reading the text over and over again.
five little ducks Five Little Ducks: Five Little Ducks is a wonderful tale about, of course, five little ducks! Every parent realizes that their children need to learn about numbers, but most focus on teaching the numbers between one and ten. This story, however, works on helping children learn all about numbers up until just the number five. Five young ducks reside with their mother, and she counts them off, allowing children to count off the ducks with her. The bright and simple illustrations keep children’s eyes captive on the page and make them want to hear the story over and over again.
counting colors: seek & find Counting Colors: Seek & Find: There are lots of things that every child needs to learn, and stories like Counting Colors: Seek & Find try to help them learn more than one thing at a time to make it easier on younger children. This book’s pages feature objects that are all one color. Each page asks the reader to seek and find something. For instance, on the red page, a child may be asked to find five red apples. The variety of tasks and objects on every page are enough to keep children entertained for hours.
eight silly monkeys Eight Silly Monkeys: Eight silly monkeys start on the first page of this delightful tale, but none are left at the end. Where did the monkeys go? Follow along with Eight Silly Monkeys as the monkeys start at eight and are counted down. Each page has a fun rhyme to it and has monkey faces that actually stick out from the pages of the story, creating a texture for younger children to feel on each page and keeping them entertained by the story. Taken from the popular children’s song, this story enchants children every time it is read.
fish eyes: a book you can count on Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On: Some stories use unique twists in order to keep children entertained long enough to finish reading them. The story of Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On is all about helping children to learn how to understand numbers using rhyme and some interesting tactics, including having punched out sections on every page that follow through to the next page. The story is a wonderful way to help children learn not only about numbers, but also about shapes and, of course, about how to use their imaginations to create tons of wonderful things.
365 penguins 365 Penguins: There are some counting books that are designed for young children and others that are designed for older children, but very few are designed to work for children in a variety of age groups. The story of 365 Penguins is one of those books that can entertain children in a number of age groups. In this story, the narrator receives a penguin, and he and his sister take care of it. More and more penguins come; a total of 365 in all. Their father starts organizing them into groups, helping children to learn all about grouping.
counting with blue Counting with Blue: One of the most popular characters for young children on Nickelodeon (or anywhere) is Blue. A loveable puppy, Blue is the star of TV’s Blues Clues. She loves to run around leaving clues about what she’s trying to say. In Counting with Blue, children learn how to add up with Blue in a rhyming, singsongy story. Great for beginning learners, this story has the classic stylized, cut-out-like artwork that Blue’s Clues is known for and is destined to enthrall any child from the ages of six months to over three years.
baby einstein: see and spy counting Baby Einstein: See and Spy Counting: When it comes to helping children learn, the Baby Einstein company knows what it takes. They have released a number of books and DVDs that are created specifically to help children learn a great deal about themselves and the world around them. The story of Baby Einstein: See and Spy Counting is all about helping young children to learn about the numbers from one to five using fun and bright scenes. There are a number of objects for children to find and point out in the tale, helping them to build their intelligence as well as their vocabulary.
counting with wayne thiebaud Counting with Wayne Thiebaud: What better way is there to teach children about their numbers then by doing it with some beautiful illustrations? Counting with Wayne Thiebaud is a story book that is all about learning numbers, only it teaches children in a very unconventional way. Every page is beautifully illustrated with one of Wayne Thiebaud’s illustrations and is a great way for children and their parents to stay entertained while learning all about numbers and how to add them up to reach the number ten.
my little counting book BMy Little Counting Book: It’s always a good thing to find a book that can keep a child’s attention, and for young children, having a book that has more than one thing on each page is a great way to ensure that their minds will stay occupied while they gaze. My Little Counting Book has pages that are filled with photographs of different things, such as shoes, hands, and cars. Each picture has a corresponding number so that children can count the number of items on the page. For instance, there may be four cars or two shoes for them to count.
ten tiny tickles Ten Tiny Tickles: Author Karen Katz creates characters in her children’s books that are fun to look at for both parents and their children. This story starts with a mother who is giving her baby one tickle on the sleepy head. As the story continues, the baby is diapered, fed, bathed, and dressed to go out, each time being touched by the parents and the rest of the family and given little tickles. Parents can kiss and touch their children along with the story to create a sweet and memorable reading time for both of them.
counting on frank Counting on Frank: Counting on Frank is a tale all about a young boy who likes to ask questions about the world around him. He asks things like, “What if I ran this bath until the room filled up with water? How long would that take?” He even uses his dog, Frank, as a unit of measurement to measure things in the world around him. Counting on Frank teaches children about how interesting their world can be and that, even if they’re not chasing monsters on Mars, they can still learn a lot and question a great deal simply by looking around.
cleo’s counting book Cleo’s Counting Book: Cleo the cat has been in a number of stories and has helped preschool children to explore the world around them. In Cleo’s Counting Book, the kitten learns how to count backwards as she goes down a flight of stairs. The story introduces children to the concept of counting things backwards, starting from ten and going down to one, and makes it fun for them to do so. Every child can find a set of stairs that they can count with (either up or down, or both), and counting with Cleo is a fun way for them to do it!.
big fat hen Big Fat Hen: Some rhymes become classic for a reason: They are just that good. The old “one, two, buckle my shoe” rhyme has been reborn in Big Fat Hen. This story takes the old country rhyme and brings in beautiful colors and fun characters. There are plenty of things for children to add up in the story, including chicks, hens, eggs, and sticks, and the illustrations can keep children finding things for a very long time. The tale concludes, of course, with the most enjoyable illustration of all – a big fat hen! It will leave children giggling until the very end.
city by numbers City by Numbers: Having picture books that are filled with cartoonish figures is wonderful, but the story of City by Numbers goes beyond cartoonish illustrations and into fine art. In City by Numbers the illustrator, Stephen T. Johnson, has used photo-realistic paintings to illustrate the numbers from one to 21 in city details. Numbers are hidden on every page and can sometimes be hard for children to find, making it an enjoyable search-and-find book for children of all ages. Both parents and children will enjoy looking around the beautiful illustrations to find the numbers that are hidden in plain sight.
feast for 10 Feast for 10: Some stories that feature numbers are stale and dry. Others, like Feast for 10, are designed as a story first and a book about how to count up numbers second. The story of Feast for 10 is all about an African American family that is creating a delicious dinner for a large extended family. The mother and her five children start in the market by counting up the items that they need. They then bring them home and start cooking, and they later count the people who are coming to sit down for dinner, creating a beautiful story and a wonderful way for children to learn about numbers and counting.
i spy two eyes: numbers in art I Spy Two Eyes: Numbers in Art: Children love playing “I Spy,” and Lucy Micklethwait has used that fun game in her book, I Spy Two Eyes: Numbers in Art. This story is all about looking for numbers of objects in artwork. On every page is a fine painting, and on the opposite page is a list telling the reader what to look for. For instance, they may be asked to look for one fly, two eyes, and seventeen birds. Parents and children can then have fun finding those specific things on the painting, creating hours of fun (and possibly frustration) while searching for the right object!.
duck & goose, 1, 2, 3 Duck & Goose, 1, 2, 3: Duck and Goose became extremely popular in their debut, Duck & Goose. In Duck & Goose, 1, 2, 3, the duo are back, this time with a few friends, in order to help children learn all about the numbers from one to ten. They’ve brought along Bluebird and Thistle to help teach children about numbers in a very entertaining way. The bright colors in the illustration and the fun story and rhymes that always accompany Duck and Goose are designed to keep children enthralled for a very long time and to help them to understand all about numbers.
my first counting book My First Counting Book: Families have trusted the Little Golden Books for generations, and they know that the stories published under that brand are going to keep the attention of children and will delight them. My First Counting Book is no exception. This counting story is all about a farm and how to count up to the number ten. The story has a bouncing rhythm to it and is easy to follow along with even for young children. It has become the favorite of many adults and children and is destined to not only make children smile, but to help them learn about numbers as well.
ten little dinosaurs Ten Little Dinosaurs: What happens with ten little dinosaurs? Children who love dinosaurs will be delighted to find out. The tale of Ten Little Dinosaurs is considered to be a novelty book, as it has plastic “googly” eyes that are fun for children to play with. The learning inside of the story, however, is all there, as the story starts with ten little dinosaurs and, much like the ten little monkey song that most young children know, something happens to every little dinosaur, creating a fun story that is enjoyable and will leave children with a giggle every time. That is a great way to teach counting.
the icky bug counting book The Icky Bug Counting Book: What young child doesn’t love reading about icky bugs? The Icky Bug Counting Book by well-known children’s author Jerry Pallotta and illustrator Ralph Masiello is all about learning numbers thanks to a few icky bug friends. While the story does help children learn about numbers, it also introduces them to plenty of different types of insects. There’s also a hidden secret about the book, and parents and children who read it backwards will discover exactly what that secret happens to be.

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