There are a number of things that parents assume will be easy for children to learn. For instance, we always think it’s easy for kids to learn how to tell the difference between one color and another. In reality, it’s not. Learning the difference between blue and green is just as hard for children as learning that 1 + 1 = 2. There are, however, a number of children’s books that are designed to help children learn the difference between the many wonderful colors that are in the world, and all of these books are designed to make it easy for children.

Top 10 Children’s Color Books

a color of his own A Color of His Own: Children love a number of things, but they love nothing more than they love animals. Children love looking at and listening about animals, which is why A Color of His Own is such a wonderful way to help children understand colors. The book explains about how each type of animal has its own color; for instance: “Parrots are green, elephants are gray, pigs are pink.” A chameleon, however, does not have one set color. This story follows a chameleon who is unhappy about being able to change colors, and so he chooses to stay on a leaf in order to turn green permanently. The seasons change, however, and the chameleon does as well. In the end, the chameleon learns that changing colors is a good thing and that all of the colors in the world are extremely special, and this allows him to find inner peace.
one fish two fish red fish blue fish One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish: Parents may not, at first, believe that One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is one of many picture books about colors, but it is. The book is a series of vignettes narrated through cute Dr. Seuss rhymes, making them fun for parents to read and fun for children to hear. As it pertains to colors, the book shows some of the classic colors, including, of course, red and blue! Once children learn about red and blue, they can then learn how to make purple. Even though it isn’t about colors, the rest of the book is hilarious and is a great tale to choose for children who are just beginning to learn how to read, as it features simple words that have a great deal of meaning, getting them ready for reading large words in the immediate future.
pinkalicious Pinkalicious: What little girl doesn’t love the color pink? The story of Pinkalicious is a story about a girl who eats tons of pink cupcakes one evening. The next morning, she wakes up and finds that she has not only pink hair, but pink skin! The color will not come off no matter how hard she scrubs, and the doctor tells her that the only way to get rid of the pink is to eat more green. Pinkalicious, however, chooses to sneak in candy and turns a number of colors! This fun story not only helps children to learn about the many different shades and colors that are in the world and in their foods, but it also helps them to understand that, while sweets are a great treat, you have to eat healthy food on a regular basis in order to stay healthy.
freight rain big book Freight Rain Big Book: Just as girls love pink, young boys are sure to love trains. Trains provide an endless fascination and are extremely enjoyable for children to watch and to play with. This tale talks about the many different types of cars that can go on a train, using a different primary color for each car. The caboose, for instance, is red, while the hopper car is yellow and the tank car is orange. This story is tailor-made for young boys or any child who loves trains, and it not only teaches them the basics of trains and how they work, but also about their basic colors. Parents can use the story to help children learn their primary colors and understand how a train works in a fun and engaging way, making story time enjoyable for both parents and children alike.
mouse paint Mouse Paint: What would happen if three very white mice suddenly discovered three very bright jars of paint? Children and parents alike find out in the children’s book Mouse Paint. In this tale, three mice learn a lot about colors and how much fun you can have with them. They don’t settle for just painting with the colors, however, but insist on dipping their toes into the colors and creating new combinations from them , demonstrating for children what happens when you mix red and blue or yellow and red together. For preschool children, this story is all about how much fun you can have with colors and how enjoyable and educational it can be to mix colors all around, creating newer and brighter ones. The vibrancy of the colors in Mouse Paint practically jumps off of the page and into your lap, making it not only an educational book, but one that’s fun to look at as well.
brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what Do You See?: There are some stories that are simply staples in a preschool classroom. Teachers who are looking to teach colors almost always use Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? This enjoyable tale is a gently rhyming story that is all about different creatures. Each new animal nudges the reader forward to the next. The classic tale has been redesigned and brightened up, giving children plenty to look at on the page while keeping the story enjoyable to read. The rhyming helps children who are learning to read figure out what the words are, while the colors of the animals help parents and teachers illustrate to children what each color really is; for instance, “Blue Horse, Blue Horse” or “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.” Wait for the ending of this story, as it is one that makes both children and adults smile.
how do dinosaurs learn their colors? How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors?: The How Do Dinosaurs… series has been enchanting children and their parents for years, and the stories continue to make children and adults smile with How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors? This seemingly simplistic tale shows us how dinosaurs learn all about the different colors in the world through the items that are around them. Simple things teach the dinosaurs in the book what each color is. For instance, a purple towel that has been left on the floor shows both children and the dinosaurs what the color purple is, while a green sign that is taped to a closet door illustrates the color green. The tale goes on, helping both children and their dinosaur friends that live between the pages of the story learn about the colors that surround them every day.
blue hat, green hat Blue Hat, Green Hat: Sometimes it is extremely important for children to learn simple things. Other times, it’s important for them to be silly. But why can’t they be silly and learn at the same time? That’s what the Blue Hat, Green Hat story is all about. This story follows a variety of different animals as they try to get dressed. While getting dressed for adults is easy, children may see it as a very complicated task, which is why the story makes sense to children! It also teaches the different colors of the world to children, as each animal has a bit of fun mixing up the colors. Most children adore the illustrations, and parents find that they fall as in love with the silliness of the tale as their children do. It’s also a great book for teaching children what “oops” means.
color surprises: a pop-up book Color Surprises: A Pop-up Book: What’s more fun than a pop-up story for children? Absolutely nothing! Color Surprises: A Pop-up Book is a wonderful children’s book full of colorful discovery. This story is all about colorful surprises and nothing more. On each page is a colored flap, and hidden under each colorful flap are even more colorful creations that jump out whenever you reveal them. Other pages have tabs that allow you to pull on them, popping up a surprise every time. There are tons of wonderful surprises in store for both parents and children, making it one of those color stories that not only children love, but that parents also tend to gravitate towards whenever it’s time to pull out a story before bedtime. Parents may want to help younger children with lifting and pulling so as not to damage the wonderful pop-up surprises that are in the book.
lemons are not red Lemons Are Not Red: We all know what color a lemon is, right? Lemons are…red? This wonderful story helps children learn all about the many different colors that can be found when they look at the things in the world around them. The first page says that “Lemons are not RED.” The word “RED” is on a bright yellow page underneath the cut shape of a lemon. When you turn the page, the die-cut shape falls onto the correct background, showing that lemons are YELLOW. This visual game keeps children interested while helping them learn about the many different shades that can be found in the world around them. The author made sure to pair related items, allowing for an internal consistency so that children are able to learn to pair the right things together. For instance, reindeer are coupled with snowmen, and elephants and flamingos are paired together as well.

Children’s Books About Color: Gold Honors

color zoo Color Zoo: Well-known author Lois Ehlert has created a wonderful book to help children learn colors called Color Zoo. This fun book features a series of cutouts that are stacked so that, when ever a page is turned, a layer is removed to show another picture to the reader. It begins with a tiger’s face and continues on to a mouse, a fox, and so on. Each shape features the primary colors that are so important for young children to learn, and the book is a great way to help young children figure out which color is which and what each animal looks like.
where is the green sheep? Where Is the Green Sheep?: Finding great stories for young children that teach them not only about color, but also about repetition and rhyme, is not an easy task, but authors Mem Fox and Judy Horacek have created a wonderfully repetitive and fun story for children that helps them learn all of those things. This story is all about different types of sheep, but after the reader finds each new sheep, the phrase “But where is the green sheep?” appears. The green sheep is eventually found at the end of the book, bringing a fun conclusion to this wonderful story.
put me in the zoo Put Me in the Zoo: Children often feel as though they don’t fit in anywhere, especially when they’re younger children and have older siblings or when they’re in a busy household. The children’s book Put Me in the Zoo is all about an animal who has a number of colored spots and who wants to go into the zoo, but the zoo keepers wonder what he can do in order to belong in the zoo. So the brightly colored animal shows them what he can do, changing the colors of his spots and their size and shape, and in the process, he finally finds out where he belongs.
little blue and little yellow Little Blue and Little Yellow: Sometimes tales are filled with things that are complicated for children to understand. And then there are other stories which are so simplistic that the parents don’t get the story but the children do! Little Blue and Little Yellow is a story about two different colors — yellow and blue — who can’t find each other. Throughout the story they search for each other, only to find each other and give each other a huge hug. But what happens when blue and yellow mix together? Children learn about the basic colors and about what happens when colors mix together!
what makes a rainbow? What Makes a Rainbow?: Every child loves a rainbow, but what makes a rainbow? This story explores that question and helps children to learn colors in a unique way — with ribbons on every page. The beautifully colored ribbons are explored on each page thanks to a corresponding animal that helps a little rabbit learn about colors. The ladybug helps him learn about red, the chicken about yellow, and the grasshopper about green. Each page adds a new colored ribbon to the tale, allowing little bunny to learn about how a rainbow is made in a fun and truly engaging way.
white rabbit’s color book White Rabbit’s Color Book: What happens when a little white rabbit finds three different bowls of paint? She discovers what it’s like to become a multi-colored rabbit. White Rabbit stumbles upon red, blue, and yellow bowls of paint and decides to dip herself into each color, seeing what the result is when she not only dips into one color, but mixes things up by jumping into different bowls of paint while she’s already colored. Blue and red, for instance, turn her into a “very royal purple rabbit.” She showers off in between dunkings only to run out of water and become a very warm color indeed!
color dance Color Dance: Children carrying around bright scarves that feature the primary colors is the focus of the story of Color Dance. This exuberant story is all about how the few primary colors can mix together to become many different colors. Children carry differently colored scarves in this water colored children’s book, and as they intertwine, the colors change, creating a plethora of different colors for children to enjoy. The story shows children not only what the colors of the world are and how they can mix, but also helps them to love dance in this beautifully illustrated story.
purple, green and yellow Purple, Green and Yellow: Every parent has, at one point in time or another, stumbled across their child drawing on themselves with markers. In the tale of Purple, Green and Yellow, young Brigid begs her mother for some markers and eventually manages to talk her into purchasing markers that never come off. She uses those markers to color herself with tons of wonderful colors, making herself feel beautiful. She then realizes, however, that she’ll get in trouble if her mother finds out that she colored on herself, so she comes up with a very creative solution which is sure to make adults and children laugh.
happy baby: colors Happy Baby: Colors: Young babies love to have as much stimulation as older children, but it is often hard to find toys and stories that can not only keep them engaged, but that can survive their often rough handling. Happy Baby: Colors is a wonderful board story that is designed to fascinate young children and to stand up to their treatment of them as well. The story shows the many different variations that each color can come in (such as how purple can look different depending on whether you’re looking at a grape or an eggplant) and is very engaging for little ones to touch. It’s a great way to learn colors.
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razzle dazzle colors<br />
Razzle Dazzle Colors: Toddlers love to do things themselves, but it’s often hard to find things that they can do safely without getting into trouble. The board story Razzle Dazzle Colors allows toddlers to not only do something for themselves, but to link together colors and animals. For instance, a child may find a red square that has dark red dots on it. They simply have to pull a solid tab which reveals a hidden animal that has the same coloring as the square is (so a red square with dark red dots hides a ladybug), creating hours of fun for children.
my first colors board book My First Colors Board Book: Young children love to see colorful, vibrant things, and My First Colors Board Book allows them to see all the colors as they correspond to real life items on their very own pages. In order to teach colors, the story shows one color on two pages, and puts items that have those colors on the pages. For instance, on a red page, you would find red shoes, a red toothbrush, a red flower, a ladybug, a red car, and even a red fire engine, allowing children to connect colors with real-life items.
if kisses were colors If Kisses Were Colors: There’s nothing more enjoyable for a parent than telling your children that you love them and seeing them finally understand exactly how much you care about them. The story If Kisses Were Colors is all about how much parents love their children. Lines such as, “If kisses were colors, you’d see every one of the bands of a rainbow that shines in the sun,” show children, in a very poetic way, how much their parents care about them, and how love goes on in the animal world as well as in the human world.
color farm Color Farm: Lois Ehlert is well-known for the beautiful stories that she has created, and she has done it again with Color Farm. This story is actually two different books in one. Each page shows a specific animal that would live on a farm — such as a duck, cow, or chicken — made using geometric shapes. When the page is turned, children find one of the shapes cut out and labeled on a background that is contrasting. This wonderfully bright story shows children basic shapes and barnyard animals, two things that children love, while at the same time introducing them to primary colors.
a good day A Good Day: Children have a lot of lessons to learn as they’re growing up; not only lessons about colors and shapes, but also things that are considered to be life lessons. A Good Day is a story that not only shows children beautifully colored animals, but also teaches them about how these very animals turn what could be bad things — such as when the yellow bird loses his feather or when the orange fox can’t find his mother — into positive things. This simple story teaches children all about the ups and down in life as well as all the colors in the world.
the color kittens The Color Kittens: The Little Golden Books have always been a favorite among children and their parents simply for their wonderful tales and their beautiful illustrations. The Color Kittens is a story about two little kittens named Brush and Hush who decide to make all of the colors that are in the world. It shows children what happens when you mix certain colors and how the three basic primary colors — blue, yellow, and red — can become all of the colors that anyone would ever need. This story is just as fun to read now as it was 50 years ago.

Other Great Books on Color

more let’s color! More Let’s Color!: Many parents are shocked when they realize that their children don’t know how to color and stay in the lines at the same time, and while you shouldn’t always have to stay in the lines, it is important for children to learn how to color in the lines when they need to. Let’s Color! is one of the many color books that can be purchased to help children learn how to color in the lines. This story actually shows children where to color and helps them to get the correct colors for each item as well.
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skippyjon jones: color crazy<br />
Skippyjon Jones: Color Crazy: Skippyjon Jones has delighted children with the many different stories he’s been in including Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse and Skippyjon Jones Shape Up. In Skippyjon Jones: Color Crazy, Skippyjon Jones learns all about the colors in the world by playing with crayons. However, he decides that he wants to change the colors of everything, such as by having the sun be blue and the sky be pink! This mischievous kitten will help children to learn all about color and what you can do with it in a fun and engaging way.
coat of many colors Coat of Many Colors: Country singing sensation Dolly Parton brings one of her most well-known songs to life in the story of Coat of Many Colors. In this story, the main character is a young girl who comes from a poor but loving family. The family has no money for a new winter jacket, so the mother creates a coat of many colors from the scraps that she has received from a friend. Even though the young girl is picked on, she stays strong, showing children that being loved and cared for is more important than having a great deal of money.
hungry monsters: a pop-up book of colors Hungry Monsters: A Pop-up Book of Colors: What happens when a monster gets hungry? It needs to eat! In the story of Hungry Monsters: A Pop-Up Book of Colors, children learn all about how different monsters eat different things depending, of course, on where they live. For instance, monsters that live under the bed like to eat things like red underwear, while monsters in the bathroom chow down on yellow duckies. Children enjoy reading about these fun and silly monsters while at the same time learning all about their colors.
the little yellow leaf The Little Yellow Leaf: Every autumn, leaves travel from the giant trees and flutter down onto the ground. One little yellow leaf, however, has decided that it’s not ready to leave the branch and go onto the ground, so it sits and watches as everything changes. It watches as the apples fall and as the pumpkins get huge, and it even sees the geese go flying south. Like most wonderful color books, this tale shows children about all the beautiful colors that surround them as well as giving them a great idea about how the seasons work.
of colors and things Of Colors and Things: Sometimes it’s great to have a story that talks about colors and helps children to understand about mixing them. Other times, it’s wonderful to have a story that simply illustrates exactly where colors can be found in the world around us. Of Colors and Things illustrates where all of the wonderful and glorious colors in the world can be found. It shows things such as jellybeans, a rainbow, a bright yellow butterfly, and many more, delighting children with the bright colors and helping parents to teach their young ones what all of the colors in the world are.
colors Colors: Author Chuck Murphy has created a number of stories to help children learn about fun things in the world, including colors. The Colors book features a number of colored squares on each page, and each square has an animal hiding underneath it that is associated with the color of the square. A red square, for instance, hides a ladybug, while an orange and striped square hides a tiger! Each square allows children have fun learning not only about colors, but also about the various animals and insects that reside in our world.
growing colors Growing Colors: This story shows a feast of colors in a very real sense. Like many picture books that are about color, Growing Colors has a number of differently colored objects, but unlike other books, it focuses on showing fruits and vegetables of every color of the rainbow. The author, Bruce Mcmillan, uses real-life vegetables and fruits — such as a bunch of blueberries or a yellow banana — to illustrate how vibrant colors can be in the world of fruits and vegetables, helping children to learn not only about colors, but also about the fruits and vegetables that are in the world.
mary wore her red dress and henry wore his green sneakers Mary Wore Her Red Dress and Henry Wore His Green Sneakers: Many stories that are written for children have a rhythmic quality about them, but few tales are written from songs. Mary Wore Her Red Dress and Henry Wore His Green Sneakers is a tale written from a classic Texas folk song, making it very singsongy and fun to read. The tale is all about Kate Bear’s birthday party and the colors of clothes that her friends wear as they arrive to the party, including the yellow sweater that Kate herself wears. It’s a fun story for children to listen to, and it helps them learn about colors without them even realizing that they’re learning about them.
what color is your underwear? What Color Is Your Underwear?: Silliness is often a method used to teach children, especially young children, about very real and un-silly things in life. The tale of What Color Is Your Underwear? is all about the different colors of underwear that many of the animals happen to wear! This “lift-a-flap” tale has boxers on a horse, furry underwear on a crocodile, and even green bloomers on a sheep! Such a silly story about underwear-wearing animals makes it fun for children to learn all about the colors in the world, laughing all the while.
andy warhol’s colors Andy Warhol’s Colors: Famous modern artist Andy Warhol gives the world his take on colors and how to learn them with his story of Andy Warhol’s Colors. This beautiful book is all about the variety of colors that exist in the world, and in Andy Warhol’s world, there are many strangely colored creatures, including a horse that is purple and monkeys that are gold and wear pink jewelry on their tails. This wonderful story is not only a great way to teach children about colors, but is also a wonderful example of modern art for young children.
cat’s colors Cat’s Colors: A little kitten decides that it wants to figure out what its favorite color is, and in order to discover which color it loves, it goes through a fun adventure, looking at its choices one by one. Each page is filled with beautiful colors, and the tale itself is extremely sweet, especially once the parents and children discover together what the cat’s favorite color is and why it loves that specific color. This cheerful story gives children a chance to learn not only about their colors, but also about how to read the book thanks to its question and answer format.
chameleon’s colors Chameleon’s Colors: Every animal has their own color…except, of course, for Chameleon. Chameleon can change into any color that he wants to and can blend in so that no one ever sees him. This, unfortunately, is a problem for Chameleon, who wishes that he could remain one color forever. The other animals in the forest, however, do not want to be the colors that they are, and so Chameleon realizes that he can help by painting interesting colors and patterns on the other animals. Using silliness and fun, this tale helps children to learn all about colors and patterns in the animal kingdom.
living color Living Color: The world is filled with vivid, bright colors, especially when it comes to those animals that live in other parts of the world. The story of Living Color is all about the pageant of colors that exist in all parts of the world, going so far as to not only show children the colors, but also to explain why several animals have such bright colors. This wonderful book shows amazing critters, including a pink fairy armadillo and a purple deep-sea dragonfish, making it fun to learn abut colors and also about the strange and unique creatures in the world.
planting a rainbow Planting a Rainbow: Famed children’s author Lois Ehlert brings another wonderful and colorful story to life with Planting a Rainbow. This tale is all about the variety of colors that can be found in a wonderful flower garden. It shows children not only the colors that exist — including orange, purple, and blue — but also all about how plants grow from tiny seeds into large, beautiful, colorful flowers. It is a celebration of gardening and a wonderful way to help children to learn colors.

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  1. Emma Greyrose says:

    I am trying to find a book I had for my children about 35 years ago in which there were the three primary colors and some transparencies that would change those colors as one turned the pages. Does anyone know of it? I can’t remember the name but would like to find it. thanks, Emma

  2. Hannah Rubenstahl says:

    Emma! I had that book! I’ve been looking for it as well!!!! If I find it I’ll let you know here! I hope you’ll do the same!!!! :-)

  3. LInda says:

    I’m looking for that too!!

  4. elias says:

    i am trying to find a book i used to read as a child. it’s about a painter who lives in a world where there is no he creates a color and paints the world a different color, each color at first has its upside but then it has its downside(blue=sad,red=anger, yellow=the world is too bright) eventually he causes a mess and mixes up the colors…does anyone know the name of this book i am speaking off

  5. Erin says:

    You’re talking about My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. I love that book!

  6. gohar says:

    Re book elias is looking for, I am also looking for that one. The idea is very vivid in my imagination, even if the exact story line is not.

    It isn’t My Many Coloured Days however, from what i can tell from readings its blurb.

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    Just found it using google search term “childrens story paint world yellow too bright”.

    THe book is called “THE GREAT BLUENESS AND OTHER PREDICAMENTS” and is by Arnold Lobel.

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