The Velveteen Rabbit

Now in many different formats and available from multiple publishers, The Velveteen Rabbit is a classic children’s tale full of love and wishes come true.  Originally written in 1958 by Margery Williams, among the many timeless children’s books, The Velveteen Rabbit has maintained its status as one of the most recognized titles still on the market.  Many continue to use the original illustrations by William Nicholson, but can also be found with new art as well as the occasional stuffed toy of the rabbit, a nice addition for any child seeking to have their own Velveteen Rabbit.  Hardcover, paperback, and board books allow children of any age to enjoy this heartwarming tale.

The Velveteen Rabbit begins as a Christmas present, fat and soft with lovely coloring and even whiskers.  The boy he is given to loves him very much, and the rabbit is rather happy, even though the little mechanical toys give him the brush-off.  They believe they are real and the rabbit soon learns that if he is loved enough, he can become real too.  As time goes by, the rabbit becomes worn, but still loved by the boy.  However, once the boy becomes ill from scarlet fever, the rabbit is thrown out since he is covered in germs.  Alone and forgotten, the rabbit cries and a real tear falls, which summons a magic fairy.  Because of the boy’s love, he is no longer a stuffed toy, but a real rabbit.

A moving tale full of magic and affection, this is a book that is sure to be loved by both adults and children for many more years to come.

The Velveteen Rabbit


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