The Three Pigs

the three pigs

You know the story of how the three pigs built three distinctly different houses. You know that one was built of straw, one was built of sticks and the third was built of bricks. Childrens books have told the same story for ages but it wasn’t until the brilliant picture books illustrator David Wiesner worked his particular brand of visual magic that the story of the three amazingly different pigs became the recipient of the much coveted Caldecott Award. This recognition isn’t a new one for Wiesner who has also won the Caldecott Medal for his book Tuesday as well as Caldecott Honor Awards for both Sector 7 and Free Fall. Remember what was said about knowing the story? Well you can forget everything you thought you knew. Wiesner doesn’t give you much room for assumptions.

In Wiesner’s world, the three pigs don’t exactly follow the rules. For example, the first pig’s house is blown in on schedule, except the pig himself is blown off the page along with the straw house. While the text dictates that the wolf in fact ‘ate the pig up’, the wolf in the image is shocked and confused since there is not pig to be eaten. The same holds true until the three pigs have escaped the clutches of the wolf and set out on an adventure all their own.

Children of all ages will adore this enduring and timeless classic with a new twist that will keep everyone entertained for years to come.


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