The Tale of Two Bad Mice

When talking about the books they grew up reading, most people would talk of the whimsical tales written by Beatrix Potter. A century’s worth of generations has grown up reading this famed author’s works. Her most beloved story is about a furry littl

e bunny named Peter Rabbit, whose mannerisms and characteristics were inspired by real life.

See, Beatrix Potter was a botanist and conservationist who had a keen ability to observe the animal world around her. You can see that in all of her many writings, including the children’s book titles she wrote.

Beatrix Potter’s story about two bad mice — Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb, who aren’t really about naughty at all, although they do cause a lot of damage in a doll house. The two mice get into a doll house while its residents – Lucinda and Jane – are out for a walk. While they’re inside, Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb smash the doll food, shred feather beds, and toss doll clothes out of the window. They even steal some pieces that were in the doll house into their mouse hole. The dollhouse owner sees the vandalism and buys a policeman doll to guard the structure. To make up for their wrongdoing, Hunca Munca cleans the dollhouse each

morning and Tom Thumb places a crooked sixpence in Lucinda’s stocking.

The story about Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb was published in 1904 and has been reprinted many times over the years. But over

time, Beatrix Potter’s beautiful, detailed illustrations have lost their luster – until a publisher reprinted them using modern printing techniques. These watercolor paintings now look like they did the day the author/illustrator created them. Damage on the artwork can even be fixed.

Beatrix Potter is a world-renowned author and illustrator who is a favorite among children’s literature writers. Her stories, like The Tale of Two Bad Mice, are loved by many children and their parents, whether they’re about Peter Rabbit, Tom Kitten, or the two naughty mice Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb. You’ll want to make these classic tales a part of story time before you tuck your little creatures in at night.

The Tale of Two Bad Mice

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