The Snowy Day

Children who live in places where the winter months bring lots of snow will favor this book as much as any child who may not live near snow and wish to see it.

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats is the sort of book read to kids in kindergarten or by parents on cold nights.  Board books for infants and preschoolers and larger picture books for children as old as eight, The Snowy Day presents the adventures of a young boy named Peter in the city on a day where snow covers the ground, thick and white.  He has a whole day ahead of him full of snowmen and snowballs, snow angels and snow mountains!  The snowy possibilities are almost endless!

With its unadorned story and colorful illustrations, The Snowy Day won the Caldecott Award in 1963.  Ezra Jack Keats helped to break the mold of children’s books by bringing African-American characters into the limelight.  Children and adults everywhere now recognize Peter in his little red snowsuit as he leaves footprints through the snow.  The story is enough to get any child excited about the potential of the first newly fallen snow.  Pictures of it piled high with a background of blue sky and wispy white clouds are enough to entrance any child.  Those who have never been near snow can let their imaginations run wild and dream of what they might do if the next day was a snow day.  A great book to curl up with during the winter season, especially during holiday breaks at school.

the snowy day


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