The Runaway Bunny

Margaret Wise Brown is a skilled children’s author who has made books lasting the test of time.  Despite the fact that it was originally published in 1942, The Runaway Bunny has become such a favorite among parents and children that is has never been out of print.  Now, the book comes in the form of hardcover, paperback, board book, and even as a small package that includes a bunny for children to cuddle with as they read.

the runaway bunny

A young bunny decides to run away and tells his mother about his plan.  His mother lovingly tells him that if he runs away, she will follow after him, “For you are my little bunny.”  The little bunny dreams about running off and becoming many different animals, and everything he comes up with, his mother has a way of finding him.  If he becomes a fish, she will be a fisherman with a carrot.  So it goes, with the young bunny telling his mother what he will become, from a rock high on a mountain to a bird flying away.  Each time his mother tells him what she will become to protect him until finally the bunny decides staying home as himself would be best.

The Runaway Bunny invites Clement Hurd to provide more of his excellent illustrations, both in black and white and in color for children to see the bunny swimming underwater or becoming a crocus flower.  Children’s books like The Runaway Bunny are the kinds of stories that help children realize that no matter what their parents will always love them and always want to protect them.


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