The Rainbow Fish

For children learning to share and to understand the benefits of doing so, Marcus Pfister’s The Rainbow Fish is an excellent choice.  Using his skill with dazzling watercolors, Pfister brings to life a fish whose scales are all the colors of the rainbow (and then some!). 

Swimming about in the big blue sea, the other fish wish to be like him, if only a little.  However, he refuses to share any of his beautiful scales and eventually his selfishness and pride drive the other fish away and he is alone in the ocean.  Lost and unsure of what to do, he asks a wise octopus for help.  The octopus tells him to give away his scales to be happy.  The Rainbow Fish does just that and realizes that in making others happy, so is he.

The updated children’s books now also contain a few extra scales that glitter and shine which make The Rainbow Fish even more amazing than before.  Pfister’s other illustrations throughout the book are just as beautiful.  The octopus looms dark but astute in his cave and the watercolors all bleed together in a lovely watery fashion.  Some children may enjoy this book for the illustrations alone.

Through this story children learn that beauty is on the inside and that sharing is a great way of feeling good about oneself.  Available as a hardcover or as a board book, children can learn to read for themselves or enjoy the story as read by a parent.  Either way, it’s sure to become a favorite.

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