The Lorax

There are dozens of Dr. Seuss books to choose from, making them one of the most prolific childrens books to be found anywhere (and rightfully so). While most children have never read every single Dr. Seuss book, there are many books that every child has read. The Lorax is one of those books that most children get exposed to at a very young age and like most Dr. Seuss books, teaches a lesson, but this lesson is something that was near and dear to Dr. Seuss’s heart.

In 1971 The Lorax was published, and in this story Dr. Seuss decided to show children how important it was to save the planet. The story follows a villain known as a Once-ler. The Once-ler finds a beautiful world, and then he decides to start chopping down the Truffula Tree tufts in order to procude Thneeds. As the trees disappear, the Lorax comes to warn the Once-ler about what will happen if he destroys the beautiful land he’s. Of course the Once-ler ignores him, until he discovers that the profit he encountered was right and the once beautiful land has become scorched earth.

Thankfully the Once-ler has saved a Truffula Tree seed, making it possible for him to right the wrongs that he’s done, and teaching children a lesson not only about taking care of Mother Nature, but also about learning to right the wrongs that you’ve done, making this classic Seuss tale one that is a must-have in every children’s library.

The Lorax

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