The Little Engine That Could

Originally published in 1930, The Little Engine That Could remains a staple of classic children’s books today.  Now it is published with various artists creating the illustrations, but parents can still buy the book with the original artwork.  Watty Piper is the name attributed to this famous story, one of positive thinking and motivation to overcome even the most difficult obstacles.  This simple idea is one that children and adults alike can relate to and apply to every day life.

the little engine that could

A red train carries a load of toys and needs to deliver them to good children.  There’s one small problem, or rather, a large problem.  A big mountain is between her and the children.  The toys need someone able to pull them over the mountain, but the Shiny New Engine and the Big Strong Engine don’t have time to pull toys around – they’re much too important – and refuse to help.  Then the Little Blue Engine chugs along and agrees to help.  It’s a hard task, but with the mantra of, “I think I can, I think I can” she pulls the toys over the mountain and delivers them to the children.

The Little Engine That Could is a happy tale and filled with colorful illustrations that look good enough to eat – or play with.  Kids will want to reach in and cuddle a toy giraffe or joke with a toy clown.  Coupled with fun words like “chug, chug,” “puff, puff,” and “ding-dong,” kids will have a great time reading The Little Engine That Could and everyone will cheer as she chugs down the other side victoriously.

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