Stone Soup

Stone Soup was a fable made immortal by Marcia Brown.  Many places in the world have similar versions, but Marcia Brown decided to bring the story into the realm of children’s books decades ago in 1947.  Since then, Stone Soup has been read by countless children and adults around the world.

Three hungry French soldiers arrive at a village, but the people hid all their food, afraid the soldiers would gobble it all up.  They claim they have nothing to offer, but the soldiers are smart and claim to have a fantastic recipe for stone soup.  The curious villages follow all their requests, adding a carrot here, a bit of meat there, unknowingly helping to create a delicious soup that everyone can enjoy.

Children everywhere read this story and wonder if stone soup is as good as it sounds.  The moral of the story, sharing is something everyone can enjoy, may slip past some, but no matter what, it’s a story kids will enjoy reading either on their own or with parents.  The illustrations are simple with few colors, but it adds to the story, giving it an aged quality that matches well with the long-standing tale.  It ends happily, with everyone dancing and enjoying hot and delicious bowls of soup.  The villagers have discovered that sharing benefits everyone and the soldiers get a good meal.  Stone Soup is a book that will be handed down from grandparents to their children and then down to their grandchildren, bound to be a favorite with everyone.

stone soup

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