Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Children’s lives are filled with transition, and they experience much more change than most adults do. They go, in a very short time, from being babies and toddlers to being children and teenagers. This can be a very trying time for most children, and many childrens books authors have made it their mission to help children in various states of transition. Dr. Seuss, of course, jumped on that bandwagon when he wrote Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

This wonderful, and of course rhythmic, story is all about the many different things that you could experience while you’re out in the world. For instance “You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sight! You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights!” Using his amazing and always-on rhyme scheme, Dr. Seuss shows children that the future can be a great one, as long as you remember to “be dexterous and deft, and never mix up your right foot with your left.”

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! is not just for children, but makes a great gift for anyone who is transitioning to something new. More than one parent has purchased Oh, The Places You’ll Go! for their college student, making it not only a gift that children love, but also one that any adult or Seuss lover can treasure, and giving you the hope that things will work out in your life, and that you’ll go great places, for there is “fun to be done”!

oh the places you'll go

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