Millicent and the Wind

What if you had no friends except the wind? That’s the premise of Millicent and the Wind by Robert Munsch. One morning, when all the world is quiet, Millicent looks down from her mountaintop and surveys the world. Far down in the valley, a three-day walk away, is where all the other children lived. The title character had no friends at all. She lived high up on the mountain and there weren’t many other people nearby.

She hears a whisper. But she only sees the trees and rocks. Who is it? There’s no one around her. When she realizes it is the wind that has called to her, she asks it to be her friend. They play and she invites the wind to come back every day, which the wind does. You can make friends with the wind and other parts of nature, but it is also

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One day She goes into town with her mother. The wind could not find her. When Millicent arrives in the valley three days later, the children are all curious about her. She tells them about her only friend, the wind. They mock her until all at once the wind fiercely blows and they scatter. The wind is very powerful and doesn’t like to be taken for granted. The main character is sorry when the children have run away. Upon her return home, Millicent asks the wind to find her a friend. She looks at the boy the wind has brought. Instantly, she has a new friend! The wind knows Millicent needs friends of her own age, children who she can talk to and relate to.

This children’s book, by Suzanne Duranceau, is a fine addition to every child’s library. It celebrates the joys of friendship and the possibilities of adding new and different friends. Friends can be very important to a full, well-rounded life. As well as being entertaining, this book teaches a lesson about having friends of all kinds and the importance of friendship.

Millicent and the Wind


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