Math Curse

Jon Scieszka is a master of children’s books and Math Curse is one of his many whimsical stories and together with Lane Smith’s unique collage art, he’s created a book that kids can laugh at even as they do a little math.

After a teacher tells the class that almost anything can be considered to be a math problem, the little girl of the story suddenly finds herself trying to solve everything through math. Scieszka plays on words and uses crazy combinations of time and numbers as the girl moves through her day trying to work through things under the “Math Curse.” Everything gets counted; 8 buttons and 2 shoelaces, 2 shoes and 2 socks. She tries to figure out if two tunafish added together creates a “fournafish” and whether or now she can get 1 decent outfit from 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants.

Children will have great fun trying to figure out equations that range from crazy to impossible to real. Kids of different ages will view it in all sorts of ways. Four-year-olds will enjoy the wacky wording and illustrations while older kids up to eight will take on the challenge of deciphering problems. Math Curse is a great book for teachers looking to make math interesting to students or just to add in a little fun to their day. Kids will see that math really is included in every day life and adults may find themselves trying just as hard to find out how many M&Ms it would take to measure the Mississippi River.

math curse


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