Love You Forever

Robert Munsch is author to a great many children’s books.  Many of them have transformed into favorites among parents and children.  Love You Forever coupled with the artistry of Sheila McGraw has become one of them.  With a down-to-earth message of love, a mother sings the same song to her child even as he grows older and older.  Finally he is a grown man and she has become an old woman.  When she can no longer rock him and sing to him, he does the same to her.

A beautiful reminder for every child that their parents will love them no matter how old they are, no matter what they do, and no matter where they go.  Love You Forever is the sort of book to bring parents and their kids together after each reading.  McGraw’s beautiful and realistic illustrations bring home the sentiment with soft yet bright colors and little touches here and there such as a striped cat reaching up on the arm of a chair where the mother rocks her child.  The words are simple, as is the song, using repetition throughout the book for easy remembrance.

For parents, Love You Forever will tug at heartstrings as they imagine how much they would love to keep their young one small forever.  Parents may even want to be wary of tearing up as they read this story to their children.  Munsch has clearly captured every parent’s unsurpassed amount of love, almost making this a book for adults rather than children.

Love You Forever


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