If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

While the events Laura Numeroff describes aren’t likely to happen, it’s a ton of fun to imagine that they could.  Though the mouse on the cover of the book looks absolutely delighted to have his cookie, the requests don’t stop there.  Giving a mouse a cookie means he’ll want milk to drink it with.  And if he gets milk, he needs a straw to drink it with.  And well, who knows what he’ll want next!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie jumps from one silly line of reasoning to another until the little boy who decided to give one of his cookies to the mouse across the way.  Kids will relish the fun illustrations by Felicia Bond.  The mouse not only creates goofy situations that turn into messes, but he’s wearing a tiny pair of denim overalls.  The reading is easy for kids to join along with parents and neither child nor parent will know just what to expect next.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie has spurred Numeroff to write other children’s books that deal with giggle-worthy cause and effect situations with various animals such as moose, pigs, cats, and more mice.  For over twenty years children have found out what happens when a mouse is given a cookie and this classic book is certain to show more children for generations to come.

if you give a mouse a cookie


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