Harold and the Purple Crayon

Get your children ready to stretch their imaginations (and maybe your own!). Harold and the Purple Crayon is loved by almost everyone who comes into contact with the book.

Those who encounter it as children will remember it with a smile well into adulthood. Surrounded by so many other children’s books, Harold and the Purple Crayon is so very simple and yet an utter joy to read. You never know what Harold plans to draw next.

Harold is a little boy who carries a purple crayon with him. One night while walking in the moonlight…except first he had to draw a moon. Then he needed something to walk on. So he made a straight path. But it didn’t seem to take him anywhere so he went across a field instead.

All while Harold takes his walk, he uses his purple crayon to create the things he sees or expects to see from the moon to a forest to a city, all the way until Harold returns home and goes to bed. Each page has only a sentence or two on it, with Harold and his creations taking up most of the space. It’s easy and fun for all children and provokes their imagination. With only little Harold and the color of the purple crayon to look at, parents can ask what Harold might draw next, or what their child might create if they had their own purple crayon. Kids might ask parents the same thing. Everyone can create something special, all thanks to Harold and the Purple Crayon.

harold and the purple crayon

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