Green Eggs and Ham

People who don’t have children often don’t understand that it’s the little things that can turn into a huge battle. Take, for instance, eating new foods. Some children take to eating new foods brilliantly and have no problem taking something they’ve never seen before and sticking it in their mouths. Other children, however, have a hard time eating new foods, and often refuse to do so, making them very picky children indeed. There are a select few childrens books that are written to help little ones learn how to try new foods, and on of the most loved comes from, of course, one of the most widely read children’s authors of all time.

Green Eggs and Ham is a Dr. Seuss book that almost anyone can recognize right on sight. This book is all about Sam I Am trying to get a cantankerous fellow to try his tasty dish. The story flows very rhythmically and as the story progresses, things get longer. What starts as “I would not eat them Sam I AM” turns into “I would not eat them with a mouse, I would not eat them on a house, I would not eat them here nor there I would not eat them anywhere. I would not eat Green Eggs and Ham, I would not eat them Sam I Am.”

One of the most widely acclaimed of the great late doctor’s works, Green Eggs and Ham is a book that teaches children that it’s okay to try new foods – even if they’re green.

Green Eggs and Ham

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