Fox in Socks

Many parents don’t realize how daunting it can be for a child who is learning how to read. Learning how to read looks like a very difficult thing, especially when you’re a young child, and many children often stop trying when they are getting a hard time from pushy parents. Fortunately there are many great childrens books out there that are designed to help young children learn how to read without stressing them out. They have great stories attached to them and make learning to read fun. The great Dr. Seuss himself wrote a number of books for young children, known as the early readers books, to help them learn how to read.

One of those books, Fox in Socks, is a book all about a tricky fox who will try to “get your tongue into trouble”. This tricky fox has got a lot of things to say, and wants children to follow along to see if they can twist their tongues around the words that he says, including words like “new socks. Two socks. Whose socks? Sue’s socks.”

Fox in Socks, however, isn’t about to let children off that easily and goes from those simple rhymes to harder ones, making it fun for children who are trying to learn how to read, and even fun for those who already know how to read. Parents and children alike will enjoy trying twist their tongues around Seuss’s zany rhymes in Fox in Socks for many, many hours (and often days) at a time!

fox in socks

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