When people think of Corduroy they might think one of two things.  It’s a fabric.  It’s the name of a timeless story about teddy bear in overall.  Written by Don Freeman, this loveable bear sits in a department store window, hoping each day that someone might pick him and take him home.  That day finally comes with a young girl spots Corduroy, but without the other button on his overalls, his wish may not come true.

Rest assured this tale ends happily with a girl finding a good friend and Corduroy getting a home.  Children have always loved the idea of toys coming to life and acting on their own when no one is looking.  The possibilities of magic and toys seeking loving owners have been repeated again and again in both other children’s books as well as movies.  Freeman’s down-to-earth story has been around for generations and evoked the imagination of thousands of children.

The illustrations are simple without a lot of fanfare and just enough background to paint the scene.  A few touches here and there make all the difference; while set with other various toys such as dolls and stuffed animals, only Corduroy’s eyes seem to look straight at the reader, his little bear mouth with a hint of a smile.  It’s the perfect book to cozy up and read together with your child.  Everyone will be left with a warm, fuzzy feeling by the end of the book when they see the girl cuddling a once lonely little bear in her arms.

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