Beatrix Potter the Complete Tales

It’s difficult to imagine that children who are raised on television shows and video games would like the slow-moving tales of

the furry creatures created by acclaimed author Beatrix Potter over a century ago, but they do! In fact, the author’s stories of Peter Rabbit, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, Squirrel Nutkin, and the rest of Beatrix Potter’s favorite characters have stood the test of time and have become literary classics. All of these wonderful children’s books have been collected in one volume called Beatrix Potter: The Complete Tales. This book contains 23 of the author’s stories along with all of the original illustrations cialis for women that accompany each tale. They are arranged in order of their publishing date so they can be read in the correct sequence. And the book contains a special section at the end of this collection, which contains additional work she created but never got published while she was alive. The first story she ever had published, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, was an instant classic. Like her other characters, Peter Rabbit may have been well dressed and groomed, but they were quite mischievous and got into hot water from time to time. What child can’t relate to Peter Rabbit’s plight? What’s more, you can learn about the origins of each story and about the author’s life because there is a note about this information at the beginning of each story contained in Beatrix Potter: The Complete Tales. In a world of HD TV and 3-D video games, illustrator Frederick Warne’s artwork that depict Peter Rabbit and the rest of Beatrix Potter’s imaginary creatures are simple but beautifully done. The illustrations are in black-and-white but many are done in color as well. This is a far cry from the books and television programs these kids are used to these days, but they love Beatrix Potter’s tales anyway. Beatrix Potter: The Complete Tales is a collection of incredibly sweet and kind-hearted stories and beautifully done illustrations. This volume

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is a treasure that should be in every home. Although intended for the younger crowd between 4 to 8 years old, adults will love to read all 400 pages too. They are very charming and written in a very enjoyable style far above what is considered to be good children’s literature these days.

Beatrix Potter the Complete Tales

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