Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedelia was first published in 1963 by Peggy Parish and has charmed children from kindergarten to third grade ever since.  Amelia Bedelia is a maid who performs all her tasks in a very literal sense.  Shall she dress the chicken?  Of course – what should the chicken wear?  Her well-meaning but ill-performed shenanigans will make readers giggle and grin, but make her employer crazy!  Amelia is lucky she is a wonderful cook!

The slightly cartoon-like illustrations are created by Fritz Siebel.  Amelia always dons her maid outfit, but it wouldn’t be complete without her purse and flowered hat.  It wouldn’t be as much fun trying imagine some of Amelia’s antics without seeing her rosy cheeks and the messes she creates.  Amelia’s creation has lead to numerous children’s books where she gets into trouble, ranging from camping trips to Christmas holidays.  The books are written with simple phrases to help children learn and develop their reading skills.

Peggy Parish knew exactly how to get children to enjoy reading, having taught for 15 years.  Using creative ideas and funny scenarios, she created the character of Amelia and from showed kids that reading isn’t all work.  When someone like Amelia jumps onto the page, that’s when the fun starts!

Amelia Bedelia has continued on for 45 years, thanks to Peggy’s nephew, Herman Parish.  With the numerous books available, it isn’t likely that Amelia’s popularity will wane any time soon – a blessing for kids looking for a fun way to learn how to read.

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