Wombat Divine

One of the fun things to do during the holiday seasons is to watch Christmas stories on television and to read them at home! There are dozens of Christmas children’s books that you can read with your child, often making it difficult to select which story you’re going to read. Fortunately you can read more than one, and reading a few stories a day before the holiday season. One tale that has become beloved by many families is the story of a little wombat.

Not many authors can write about a wombat, but Mem Fox, a native of Australia, can easily do so and creates such a wonderful character that children and adults alike can’t help but feel for him. The title character in Wombat Divine is a little character who loves to act and loves the stage. All he wants is to be in the nativity play that is going to be going on. Unfortunately he isn’t that good of an actor. He tries out for every role in the play, from the shepherds to Joseph, and for some reason he messes everything up. The people in the play begin to believe that they’ll never find a role for this creature, and he himself starts to get depressed and a tad bit jealous that all of his friends can have roles while he can’t. Then the director of the play thinks of a role that is absolutely perfect for this clumsy wombat!

The story of Wombat Divine is much more than just a Christmas story – it is a tale that also shows children that there is a place for everyone, and that if you dream big enough, you can make anything happen. They discover that friendship is extremely important and that even if your heart gets broken, it will heal again quickly. The characters in Wombat Divine are brought to life by the amazing illustrations of Kerry Argent, which keeps the book colorful and keeps even the eyes of a very young child glued to the page as the parent reads along about the tale of this little theater-loving wombat.

Wombat Divine


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