Trouble With Trolls

The Trouble With Trolls is a story that is laced with Scandinavian folklore and illustrations that offer a feel for the Scandinavian mountains. When Treva and her dog, Tuffi, go out to visit her cousin who lives up the mountain, they encounter some Trolls who decide they want a dog. When they try to kidnap Tuffi, Treva comes up with a plan to outsmart the trolls. Jan Brett offers an award winning tale that will leave you with a sense of having been told an old story that has passed on for generations, with Trouble With Trolls.

With the story itself, there is an amazing twist with how Treva is able to convince the trolls that she would rather have her winter clothing, hat, mittens, and scarf, than her beloved Troll. In addition to the story of Treva and Tuffi, there are diagrams and a cross section that detail the trolls home at the bottom of each page. There is even a hedgehog thrown in for an added sense of curiosity. In essence, Trouble With Trolls is actually two stories being told simultaneously. A story like no other children’s book offers, this is one that will be fun to read aloud and share with another person, or even something to cherish on your own. Written with children ages four to eight in mind, but a story that anyone who loves folklore will enjoy, this is one book to add to any collection of children’s books, whether you are a child, or an avid collector.

trouble with trolls

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