The Polar Express

the polar express

The Polar Express has been a favorite for years, but the movie made several years ago brought it to life more than ever.  Parents across the country asked booksellers for the book by Chris Van Allsburg.  If your child has seen the movie, but not the book, then they already have a good idea on both the story and the illustration.  The hero of the story is actually a nameless character.  The boy has his doubts about Christmas and Santa Claus.  On Christmas Eve, a train arrives right outside his house, known as The Polar Express.  It travels all the way to the North Pole where the boy gets a special gift from Santa Claus himself.

The illustrations are soft yet powerful, conveying the sense of winter and the enchantment of Christmas.  Young children will thumb through the book just to stare at them on chilly winter nights.  The Polar Express is one of the few privileged children’s books to earn a Caldecott Medal.  It shows children the magic of belief and may even bring an adult or two back from adulthood to fervently wish for Santa Claus to be real.

Vendors have provided cozy Christmas packages that include the movie’s soundtrack.  The powerful and merry songs match well with the book.  The entire family can sit around the fire together and read, waiting for that one special moment when Santa appears and grants the first gift of Christmas.  For over twenty years children have gone to the North Pole with the hero and every Christmas, more join in on the journey.

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