The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas, as visually told by Jan Brett, along with the classic story by Clement Moore, is a visual feast of detail and beauty. A timeless treasure of the Christmas story as told originally, enhanced with the visual aspects that only Jan Brett could add, this is one of the children’s books that will enchant you and your children for many years. Not only is it spectacular to read and to see, but the memories that will be made as it is shared as a family Christmas classic will offer a lifetime of joy and sentiment.

The Night Before Christmas, and all through the house, there are things that are stirring, not only a mouse. When Jan Brett puts the pictures to the poetry, you see more detail than you ever might have imagined with this tale of Christmas joy and expectation. With St. Nicholas, that jolly old elf, making you laugh in spite of yourself. With Ma and Pa in their kerchief and cap, seeing the truth of that wintry chap. You will see it all, and in detail too, as you enjoy this timeless tale that will convince the child in you.

The Night Before Christmas has never before been seen with such clarity of stockings and candy, the reindeer and sack, as Santa’s visit leaves you wanting more. Sharing this tale of the jolly old elf with your children will offer you a time together that is refreshing and warm. Maybe you will even begin to believe again, as only those who have seen him can.

The Night Before Christmas


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