Santa Claus

Every child wants to know about Santa Claus, the North Pole, how the elves work, and how reindeer fly. There are so many different aspects to the operation that the man in red is able to perform, so Rod Green took it upon himself to show children everywhere what goes on during the times when Santa isn’t flying around the planet doling out presents.

Like the encyclopedia of Kris Kringle and all things related is exactly what kids will find within these pages. It would be no surprise if adults read this book as avidly as kids will. There is so much to see and take in, from The Mail Room to The Sleigh. Each section takes up two pages, giving kids a full spread of information. They’ll want to lay this book flat on the ground and pore over it for hours, taking their time as they examine each page and all it has to offer. A few pages even have fold out section, providing an even better, bigger look inside the world of Santa’s workshop.

And it offers quite a lot. Children’s books are mostly straightforward stories with illustrations, but Ron Green and illustrators Carol Wright, Simon Danaher, and Jon Lucas bring much more than that. It’s a tell-all about Santa Claus coupled with truly amazing and detailed pictures. The colors are vibrant and practically pop out of the pages, with intricate elements, from the cracks in the floors to the gold swirls on the sleigh, making it virtual eye-candy for any reader. The cover alone looks realistic enough that it seems as though kids could stroke Santa’s furry hat.

Bright and beautiful, the age range is 4-10, but it’s likely to stick around in any family’s home for much longer. Readers are treated not only to everything Santa Claus, but also North Pole gift tag stickers, Mrs. Claus’s cookie recipe, and all sorts of other goodies that will have children enchanted for a long time. Great either as a gift or a before-the-holidays read. Available in hardcover so it will last for as long as it can throughout the years.

Santa Claus

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