Merry Christmas, Mouse!

There are a number of basic things that kids need to learn when they’re young, and many times parents are able to teach their children these basic skills without the child even realizing that they’re learning anything. Take, for instance, counting. Kids can be taught to count in a variety of ways – from counting out candies to using children’s books in order to learn. The Merry Christmas, Mouse! story is one that is a great help in teaching cialis online young children how to count.

The tale is brought to the world by the well-known collaboration of Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond. This duo brought the “If You Give…” books to the children of the world and have inspired a great deal of imagination and an enjoyment in reading cialis viagra combination for children of all ages. With this tale, however, children learn about numbers! In the tale of Merry Christmas, Mouse!, the mouse that has become so well canadianpharmacy-toprx known for enjoying cookies and a trip to the movies has decided that it’s time to decorate the tree! But he can’t cialis price increase 2013 do that unless he counts all of the items that he’s putting on the tree, which is exactly what he does.

The mouse starts by putting one object on, then two, then three, and continues on until he starts to get the tree decorated in the manner which he wants it to be decorated. Adults will love the fact that the tale is an engaging way to teach children about counting. Children will love that they can see their favorite rodent hanging things on a tree and they can enjoy the soothing repetition that can be found in the tale.

The story of Merry Christmas, Mouse! is a bit different than the other stories that have come out of this dynamic duo. The sequence of events which normally unfolds in a crazy way is not present. That, however, doesn’t mean that the story is one that is boring – quite the opposite! It is a great book for younger children and teaches them how to count in a very fun and relaxed manner.

Merry Christmas, Mouse!


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