God Gave Us Christmas

What goes hand in hand during the holidays? Christmas, snow, and polar bears of course! God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren and illustrated by David Hohn is one of many delightful Christmas children’s books that parents will enjoy reading to their children. One of the many books in this series of God Gave Us ideas, it’s a gentle religious book that answers some of many unique questions that only children can sometimes pose.

This time, Little Cub and family are getting ready to celebrate this popular winter holiday, but Little Cub, as usual, has some questions that need answering. He wants to know who invented Christmas, and when Mama answers, he only has more things to ask, eventually wondering such things as who is more important, God or Santa. So Mama and Little Cub head off to find the answers, and through Mama’s teachings, Little Cub realizes that the heavenly father is actually all around them, all the time, and that on this special day, “Jesus is the best present of all.”

God Gave Us Christmas uses simple methods to deliver a good message to young children, teaching them about the heavenly father, the true meaning of the holiday, and how magical the world is around them due to God’s grace. Ideal for infants and children in preschool, this book can help parents answer questions about the holiday, the heavenly father, and Jesus. Bergren also manages to teach about Jesus without focusing solely on the manger as many other stories do.

David Hohn’s brightly colored illustrations are a delight for any eyes. From the glowing star in the sky to the luminous snow on the ground, his medium of choice reflects the magic and beauty that Mama and Little Cub discover on their journey. Little Cub even has a bright scarf to wear, and it’s pleasing to see Little Cub and Mama cuddling close to one another.

God Gave Us Christmas is a good book for parents to read while their young one to cuddle up to them. Educational and heartwarming, parents can kids can discover the mystery of God and the amazement all around them. Even older kids will love to look at it and sit nearby when the story is being read.

God Gave Us Christmas


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